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muh bus     (

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Why the fuck is the CDC regulating eviction notices?     (AskVoat)

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The left eating their own: Black mayor of Boston compares NYC's vaccine passports to slavery     (

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I hope this becomes a trend. "Vaccine passports are racist!!!"

From the article:

Acting Mayor Kim Janey — the first woman and black Bostonian to hold the office — said “there’s a long history” in the United States of people “needing to show their papers” when asked Tuesday about the mandate unveiled earlier in the day by Mayor Bill de Blasio that requires proof of vaccination to enter indoor restaurants, entertainment venues and gyms starting on Sept. 13.

“During slavery, post-slavery, as recent as, you know, what the immigrant population has to go through here, we’ve heard Trump with the birth certificate nonsense,” Janey told WCVB. “Here, we want to make sure that we are not doing anything that would further create a barrier for residents of Boston or disproportionally impact BIPOC communities.”
Anon Speaks Cat     (

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Iceland has the worlds 3rd highest percentage of vaxxed per population. They currently have more cases than they’ve ever had.     (

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Why AOU is so bitter     (

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And there we go...the "Doomsday Variant".     (

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Interestingly, Doom originally meant "judgement", thus, Doomsday meant Judgement Day.

Idk...for whatever that's worth. I'm going to start looking up area campgrounds that let people just park their cars. Haven't saved up enough for my camper yet.
If blacks could read     (

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Six million     (

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That's Racist ! original content     (

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I made this hirez meme image exclusive for debut!
share it.
Multiple Disney Officials Arrested as Part of Massive Pedophile Ring Sting     (

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A massive pedophile ring sting in Polk County, Florida, has resulted in the arrest of multiple Walt Disney officials, according to police.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office detectives conducted the undercover pedophile ring operation from July 27th through August 1st, 2021, during which detectives posed as juveniles online to investigate those who prey upon and travel to meet children in order to rape them.

Detectives from the Auburndale Police Department, Orlando Police Department, Winter Haven Police Department, and Orange County Sheriff’s Office, named the successful pedophile ring sting: “Operation Child Protector.” reports: The suspects communicated with and solicited who they thought were children between the ages of 13 and 14 for sex acts. The suspects showed up to an undercover location in Polk County at separate times to meet who they thought were children, to sexually batter them. Some of them transmitted pornographic images while grooming and soliciting the children online, and they were appropriately charged for that as well.

In all, detectives arrested 17 suspects, who face a total of 49 felony and two misdemeanor charges which include: traveling to meet a minor for sex, attempted lewd battery, use of a computer to seduce a child, unlawful use of a two-way communication device, and transmission of material harmful to a child; six suspects brought condoms, and nine suspects have criminal histories (with 27 total previous felonies, and 22 total previous misdemeanors). The youngest suspect arrested is 26 years old, and the two oldest suspects are 47 years old. They were all from the central Florida area, except one suspect who was here visiting from California.


1. 26-year-old Kenneth Javier Aquino of Orlando.
2. 41-year-old Irving Oliver of Lakeland
3. 33-year-old Jarrod Justice of Los Angeles, California
4. 31-year-old Lior Enbar of Orlando
5. 30-year-old Joshua Ortega of Davenport
6. 45-year-old Julio Enrique Cedeno, Jr. of Zephyrhills
7. 47-year-old Juan Guadalupe-Arroyo of Davenport
8. 36-year-old Carlos Flores of Orlando
9. 47-year-old Enrique Medina of Orlando.
10. 30-year-old Adam Smith of Kissimmee
11. 27-year-old Jeremiah Davis of Clewiston.
12. 44-year-old Thomas Snyder of Lakeland.
13. 34-year-old David Ring of Lakeland
14. 27-year-old Philip Nelson of Polk City
15. 34-year-old Jonathan McGrew of Kissimmee
16. 29-year-old Savannah Lawrence of Kissimmee
17. 37-year-old Edward McGaffigan of Orlando.

Pictures of the suspects:
Ranga tries on some sunglasses      (

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Soulless monkey.
Twitter Suspends Journalist for Repeating CDC Vaccine Data the Big Tech Giant Doesn't Like     (

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Jab to work is coming     (all)

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I posted this on Gab. Seeing if anyone here has an answer: Is there a definitive on being mandated to get the vaccine as a condition of employment? Any legal recourse?

My place just gave the note that if you're jabbed, you get a sticker. If you have a medical or religious exception, then you're considered un-jabbed and no sticker. No sticker means (right now, I know this will change at any time): masking, social distancing, additional education on COVID-19 vaccines and safety training, routine proof of negative COVID-19 test results. Or whatever they decide, like termination. I can see this down the road coming a miles a way.

Doesn't matter if you work from home or not.

Torba sent a nice "here's how you file an exception", but it appears they're going around it pretty easily. Regardless of your condition (medical, even), no sticker; and thereby no access to stuff.

Seeing if anyone else can shed some light, thanks in advance.
Burn the coal, pay the toll     (

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A reminder that faggotry is a mental disorder: Virginia police arrest transgender freak internet personality 'Chris Chan' following leaked confession of him raping his 80-year-old disabled mother     (

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39-year-old Christine Weston Chandler, aka "Chris Chan" aka "Sonichu" aka Christian Weston Chandler, the transgender webcomic creator and living Internet meme was arrested, handcuffed and taken into custody by Greene County Police on Sunday.

His arrest was captured on video by live-streamer Ethan Ralph, which showed Chandler being walked away in handcuffs by police and placed in a police vehicle.

It’s not clear at time of publication what, if anything, ‘Chris Chan’ has been charged with. However, the Virginia Criminal Code classifies “adultery and fornications by persons forbidden to marry; incest” as a Class 5 felony, punishable by up to 12 months in jail and/or a $2,500 fine.

Bucko     (

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Stay classy White people, don't let the fucking jews make niggers of you     (

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South Africa: White mother and young children fight off 3 armed nigger terrorists, no English language reports, just a tiny article in Afrikaans, translated below     (

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This is a summary, not a verbatim translation:

A mother and her children bravely fought off three men who attacked them on their farm.
The mother planned to take her 3 children (8 year old twins and a 10 year old) to buy ice cream. Her 14 year old son was not there and her husband was out cycling.

Three men armed with guns and knives arrived on the farm and overpowered them while they were outside preparing to leave. They assaulted the mother and knocked her to the ground.

One of the niggers wanted to stab her, but her little 8 year old son jumped on his back to stop him.
The men tried to force them into the house. They fought back furiously because they knew things would turn very bad if they got them into the house. The 10 year old daughter knocked one of them so hard he almost lost his balance.

The mother told the niggers there was a safe full of money in the garage. She told the 8 year old twins to run for their lives, which they did (ran to another house on the farm).

Meanwhile one of the men went with the mother and daughter to the garage. While he stood guard at the garage door, the 2 slipped out of another (back) door of the garage. The men then fled.

The mother said “my children were incredibly brave and kept their cool”.
The children are however deeply traumatised and are receiving counselling. There have been no arrests.
Real Estate Used to be a Good Investment     (

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If you could afford it, instead of selling your house, rent it out and buy another one. Several of my past bosses who owned their company also had rental properties (usually their old house or a second house). Sometimes they took care of it themselves, other times they let an agent manage it for a fee.

This is got to be killing the income of self-made men.
Spiderbro original content     (

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Almost walked square into this guy last night. Second pic:
Where's the beef?     (

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We don't serve racists     (

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💀     (

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Where is my bike?     (

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