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I hurt myself laughing, who is creating these!?!     (files.catbox.moe)
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What more do you chuds want?     (files.catbox.moe)
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Liberal Hypocrisy Is So Predictable     (files.catbox.moe)
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Nigger fucks with the wrong White girl. Finds out.     (files.catbox.moe)
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Nigger that filmed himself breaking into white people's houses finds out who he can't fuck with.     (files.catbox.moe)
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The CIA’s latest anti-White false flag terror attack     (files.catbox.moe)
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German woman shoots the jew pedophile that raped and murdered her seven-year-old daughter     (gab.com)
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Where did this happen before?     (files.catbox.moe)
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USS Liberty naming the jew on live TV      (files.catbox.moe)
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Dresden the real Holocaust. Allied fire bombing of German civillian cultural center at the end of WWII.     (gvid.tv)
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The purpose of the attack according to Allied archives was to inflict maximum loss of civilian life of Dresden residents and refugees fleeing the raping marauding Red Army.

Thousands of US and British bombers dropped tons of conventional explosives and incendiary white phosphorus that burns at 5000 degrees.

The intense heat of nearly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit caused an updraft in the center of the fire and smoke that pulled in air from the surrounding areas at an estimated 1000 miles per hour.

On the second night, after people had come out of their air raid centers, and rescue personnel had come from other cities, the Allies bombed Dresden again in the same matter.

US P51 Mustangs flew low and fired directly on groups of civilians.

On the third day, after cleanup had begun, and more rescue workers had come to render aid and clean up, Dresden was bombed again.

150,000 - 300,000 people were killed in the attack.
When (((they))) tell you that only a small microscopic minority think like you do, don't believe them     (files.catbox.moe)
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My VOAT hoodie     (files.catbox.moe)
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They're not sending their best! (SAD!)     (files.catbox.moe)
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Can Science Be Bought ?     (files.catbox.moe)
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The scariest thing about the Holocaust is that it's in the minds of our enemy this is what they want to do to us.     (all)
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They always accuse you of doing what they are doing.
George Floyd cake     (files.catbox.moe)
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The couple that bullies whores together, stays together      (files.catbox.moe)
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The ADL just admitted the existence of targeted individuals...     (media.conspiracies.win)
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Lets get this spread around all the internets. People understanding this is key to our ability to fight back. Why do you think we have no leadership?
Based Ukrainian kills Comissar to avoid meat grinder     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by Kozel to Ukraine 3 days ago (+53/-1)
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They wanted to make meat of us, but Igor did this for us he is true motherlander

This is the only way forward. Don't become meat in the grinder.
ooga booga ima fuk with this lion     (files.catbox.moe)
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CARTOON: Jews are flooding Europe with Black Africans     (files.catbox.moe)
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The Good Old Days     (files.catbox.moe)
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What the kangz think will happen once they reach 100%     (files.catbox.moe)
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Nigger Boy!     (files.catbox.moe)
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Nikola Tesla describing a cell phone in 1926     (i.postimg.cc)
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