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Military to enforce 'indefinite' lockdown [Sydney]     (

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Found CatboyKami     (

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Thousands out protesting the lockdowns in Sydney     (

submitted by aussie_fuckin_legend to Australia 3 days ago (+24/-1)

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Appalling - what kind of example is this to the world? [Tens of thousands of Aussies without masks shouting 'freedom' march in Sydney and Melbourne for anti-lockdown protest]     (

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Balconies and fresh air gives you covid. Gaffer tape yourself in your room to be safe     (

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Wearing a mask too, no doubt. Victoria seems normal these days compared to these schizos

Gaffer tape order -
hey Yankee boys, look who we scored [ Caroline Kennedy set to be named new US ambassador to Australia]     (

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Cockatoos learn how to flip open garbage bins by copying each other     (

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Australian Politician Tells Citizens Not to Be Friendly or Engage in Conversation with Each Other Because "Now Is Not the Time"     (

submitted by KCobain27 to Australia 4 days ago (+14/-1)

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They want you to feel sad, isolated, and miserable.
Freedom rallies in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane today original content     (

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Original compilation of tiktoks for all you chinkaphobes.
This is terrible [Wild scenes as Sydney anti-lockdown protesters clash with police]     (

submitted by paul_neri to Australia 3 days ago (+4/-0)

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gotcha! [Sydney anti-lockdown protest chaos as NSW COVID-19 crisis deteriorates]     (

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public masturbator Muhammad Khan loses 120K PA job - female judge fails to hand down appropriate sentence     (

submitted by NewWorldEbola to Australia 6 days ago (+25/-0)

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you know your country is 100% run by jews when a moslem degenerate has a 120K pa job whilst masturbating over random people in public in his spare time. Fuck this country.
How a beer-loving elephant contributed to the establishment of Adelaide's northern suburbs     (

submitted by dulcima to Australia 4 days ago (+8/-1)

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Havoc on the streets as anti-lockdown protestors violently clash with police and yell absurd anti-vaxxer slogans in rallies across the country - amid fears THOUSANDS travelled from Sydney's Covid hotspots to heart of the city and spread the virus     (

submitted by paul_neri to Australia 3 days ago (+4/-2)

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A 'hideous' shoe once described as a 'plastic hoof' is now one of the best-selling styles in Australia - so can you guess what it is?     (

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egg on ya face @dulcima? Eat dirt, Princess and suck eggs too!

dulcima 0 points 1 month ago

Was it something you said? Or was it your crocs? With socks?
"The NSW COVID-19 outbreak has been declared a "national emergency"     (

submitted by paul_neri to Australia 4 days ago (+3/-0)

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We are "f..ked". @dulcima, @i_scream_trucks, what can I say? Oh, you'd prefer nothing:

You're just messin' about. You saw what happened in India.The situation is very similar in Aus with a low vaccination rate albeit we have better medical facilities. Have you been vaccinated yet? Me neither. If you two should, you know ... I want you both to know how much I've enjoyed your company over the years. Voat has already lost one Aus goat to the virus, whitemouse who went early in the pandemic, and we'd hate to lose you two so, for god's sake get vaccinated, socially distance and, goes without saying, wear a mask. Good luck.

PS I understand the Military is soon to be deployed in SW Sydney to get those bastards into line. Long time coming if you ask me.Hope the whole country becomes militarised. It's the only way to stop the plague.
Brisbane to Host 2032 Olympics Outbidding Spain & Germany - Brisbane now where have I heard that name before, oh yeah that's where TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg the "Celebrating Jews of 911" have found safe haven, and where the Lord Mayor and the entire city council couldn't give a eff about public safety     (

submitted by TankTinker to Australia 5 days ago (+8/-0)

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>>Whoever owing allegiance to the United States levies war against them or adheres to their enemies giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death. 18 USC Ch. 115, §2381.

>The claim the Taliban Government of Afghanistan had provided safe haven to accused 911 patsy Osama bin Laden - who denied guilt - in violation of the above statute was the impetus for ongoing hostilities against that land.

>Despite the Taliban had said if evidence were forthcoming they would facilitate his extradition which fell on deaf ears in Washington, bombing commenced before the clock struck 12 midnite in NY on the day of the attacks.

>TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg the Celebrating Jews of 911 and the Mossad cell that spawned them, have enjoyed safe haven in Brisbane, Australia since the day of the outrage.

>They are the Jews who jumped for joy filming while thousands of Americans died choking & gasping behind locked fire doors in the upper levels of both WTC Towers, and NYPD helicopter pilots who had trained rooftop rescue teams at their disposal circled overhead, in New York City, September 11, 2001.

>Who were taken into custody on the day then released without charge seventy one days later and repatriated to Israel, on the orders of Zionist arch conspirator Michael Chertoff then head of the Department of Homeland Security now FEMA Chief. The war for providing safe haven for terrorists should have been against Australia.

Missive to the Brisbane City Council May 3, 2021 .. "I would like draw it to your attention that the concrete bike and walkway at the bottom of New Farm Park seen in the image is unfenced and unguarded, thus there is a sheer drop from the walkway to the rocks and at high tide the river below!"

A lot of young people are brought into that part of the park, and it begs the conclusion a tragedy is likely to occur while there is no barrier to ppl falling off of the walkway, that includes cyclists, dogs and runners. I would urge the BCC to erect a suitable barrier to go the full length of the walkway as a matter of urgency.

This missive received only scorn.
Good news for the Tobruk the police horse     (

submitted by paul_neri to Australia 2 days ago (+2/-1)

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in a rare bout of good news, NSW Police have confirmed that the horse (her name is Tobruk) was not injured after being maimed by a protester.

A man wearing a yellow 'free speech' singlet was photographed punching the troop horse in the face and police have called on the public to assist in identifying the man in question.

"Good news! Troop horse Tobruk was not injured and is recovering back at the stables after a hard day’s work," they wrote in a Facebook post.
"If you have any information to assist in identifying the man depicted, please contact police."
How Daniel Andrews’ social media army tries to control what you see and think     (

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Look at Jugbears in his gay mask. Is there a bigger faggot on the planet?
girl, 3, badly burnt touching toxic plant - hogweed     (

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A West Australian man accused of travelling to Canberra to "flog" Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is behind bars     (

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@beanbagWizard read what Australia's hard man says about military intervention to enforce the Aus lockdown i.e. great minds think alike.     (Australia)

submitted by paul_neri to Australia 3 days ago (+2/-1)

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"Get vaccinated to stop the lockdown and miltary occupation of public areas" [p neri] I'm not sure whether you're a retarded boomer or a master troll" per: @beanbagWizard

NSW’s steps to suppress COVID ‘half-baked’, WA Premier says
By Michaela Whitbourn and Hamish Hastie
West Australian Premier Mark McGowan is, predictably, going in hard against NSW at his COVID-19 update.

NSW’s measures to stop the spread of the highly transmissible Delta strain of the virus had been “half-baked” and “it’s not a time for half measures”, he said.

“Vaccinations are not a substitute for a lockdown,” Mr McGowan said.

WA Premier Mark McGowan.

The NSW Premier called this morning for more vaccines to be directed to coronavirus hotspot areas in Sydney’s south-west and west, amid a warning from the state’s Chief Health Officer that the outbreak in the state was a national emergency.

Mr McGowan said vaccination would help prevent a future outbreak but only a lockdown would “crush and kill” the current outbreak in NSW. He said the Commonwealth understood that lockdowns were the key to suppressing an outbreak.

He said “NSW is not an island; Sydney’s not an island” and the outbreak in the state posed a risk to the whole country. He said some of the state’s rules about exercise “frankly, are inexplicable”.

“I see all these images of people running around outside as though nothing’s happening now, no one’s wearing a mask, all these people are at outdoor gyms lifting weights and mixing with one another,” he said.

“They have an approach where they have some local governments locked down, then across the road they’re not to the same degree. Those sorts of measures are half-baked.”

He suggested NSW needed to tighten all restrictions, from mask-wearing, to locking down the state uniformly, to involving the Defence Force.

“All of these things need to be out in place.”

He said he shared the view of his Victorian counterpart Daniel Andrews that his government would not be sending jabs east.

“We’re not going to hand over vaccines,” he said. “I understand the point of view, I don’t want to be too hard ... and say, ‘were not giving up our vaccines’... but I don’t think that it’s sensible to do that.

“We have a nationally-agreed approach; we just need to roll it out as efficiently and quickly as we possibly can across all states and territories.”

copy: @AngryWhiteKeyboardWarrior
The flight from White Down Under     (

submitted by dulcima to Australia 4 days ago (+3/-1)

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Humane Australian breakthrough in feral pig control with poison bait, Hoggone     (

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British Newspaper Columnist Katie Hopkins to be Chucked Out of Australia After Alleged Quarantine Breach, she admits answering the door to her hotel room naked and maskless in defiance of Australian Law     (

submitted by MartinTimothy to Australia 1 week ago (+9/-0)

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Australia's Minister for Home Affairs Karen Andrews has decreed, "all arrivals to Australia must complete two weeks in a hotel quarantine, where people must put on a mask before meals are delivered then wait 30 seconds to collect the food to avoid transmission."

Andrews told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, "all visa holders must abide by the health directions issued by our health officials, we won't tolerate those who don't, we will be getting her out of the country as soon as we can arrange that."

Hopkins has recently questioned the seriousness of the pandemic and scale of government responses on social media.