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All aboard! original content     (

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The John McAfee Guide to Dealing with Spics in Uniform.     (

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Seeing as how the Antivirus guy died under dubious circumstances (see archive link below), I thought I'd check up on him.

What I didn't expect to find was a comprehensive and brutally honest guide to travelling in Third World Hellholes.

It includes such gems as lying to the police, bribing the police, how much to bribe the police, name-dropping officials, when to bust out expensive gifts and more.

If you're planning to travel in places where it's not safe to drink the water, it's worth giving it a once-over.

Archive Link: - Slashdot Interview. - McAfee knew it was coming.
OMG a product!      (

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Why are they such faggots?
Can't make this stuff up     (

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That Loudmouth Troublemaker Posting Stupid Shit On Your Sub Is An FBI Snitch     (

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Reminder: During the Bundy Trial, it came out that there were LITERALLY more feds pretending to be patriot protestors in the building they had taken over than actual patriot protestors.
It's a trick, they always use it.      (

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So McAfee dies and Reddit dies at around the same time, interesting...      (

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definitely one of the worst ways to die - the nutty putty cave     (

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this "medical student" is a fucking moron
Why do iphone use nvme and android don’t      (askanon)

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NSFL - Transgender Surgery - Man Is Excited About His New Hole (seriously you might want to skip watching this)     (

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This surgery should have ended with a shotgun to the head. WTF is wrong with these people? Who do they think they are going to fool?

Also, I really miss all the hiddenlol posts. They were entertaining.
Alma (a zine you've never heard of)     (

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South Africa: bantu invaders running wild     (

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Post Pizzagate Documentary Links Here     (all)

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ZOG and the jew media ignores the existence of the very evil and disturbing billion dollar pedo/snuff film industry and does nothing to stop it, allowing it to flourish in the complete darkness     (

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NFL Player Announces He Is Gay, Is Switching Over To Soccer     (

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Sacrifice a nigger or else     (

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Temporary Body Storage Service, Westminster City Council, Publication date: 10 June 2021     (

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JUST SO YOU KNOW      (news)

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Doing some research on the WWII internment facilities administered by the 3rd Reich with a specific interest in Treblinka and Sobibor.

Being Canadian I was privileged to have experienced the Ernst Zundle phenomenon back in the mid 80s, the information publication that he and his colleagues disseminated was known as " SAMIZDAT " ( самизда́т ). In a time when the Internet wasn't even a term yet Zundle did do a pretty good job of getting the " truth " out. Everything that Ernst Zundle brought to light got people thinking about what they've been led to believe. What stirred me was when Zundle made reference to the fact that the holocaust was unmentioned in the Encyclopedia Britannia prior to 1972.

I have a 60 volume collection of Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedias that my parents invested in when we were kids, the complete set was purchased in 1966 followed by "year books" up into the 90s. Treblinka is nowhere to be found in the encyclopedia, neither is the "holocaust" and neither are the terms " concentration camps or gas chambers ", it's as if Treblinka never existed.

I put this in the NEWS sub because for some reason the other subs "don't exist" after I click on "submit"
Sydney chastised for not wearing masks      (

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Okay, this is pretty fucking funny.     (news)

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"Ikea changes menu to watermelon and fried chicken to honor Junteenth".

Now people are passed off cause it's RAAAACIST. Some people are hard to please.
Don't See That Everyday     (

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Former US Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich original content     (

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Islam is right about a few more things. . .     (

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Cape Town South Africa: feral bantu invaders harass Cape Coloured motorists     (

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Cape Coloureds are an ethnic minority in SA like Whites. A capoid race with Malaysian, Indonesian, Griqua, KhoiSan, Bushman and Hottentot heritage. They speak Afrikaans like Boers and refer to themselves as Coloureds, it's not seen as disparaging.
Good news everyone: REDDIT IS DOWN     (TellVoat)

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