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JUST SO YOU KNOW      (news)

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Doing some research on the WWII internment facilities administered by the 3rd Reich with a specific interest in Treblinka and Sobibor.

Being Canadian I was privileged to have experienced the Ernst Zundle phenomenon back in the mid 80s, the information publication that he and his colleagues disseminated was known as " SAMIZDAT " ( самизда́т ). In a time when the Internet wasn't even a term yet Zundle did do a pretty good job of getting the " truth " out. Everything that Ernst Zundle brought to light got people thinking about what they've been led to believe. What stirred me was when Zundle made reference to the fact that the holocaust was unmentioned in the Encyclopedia Britannia prior to 1972.

I have a 60 volume collection of Funk and Wagnalls encyclopedias that my parents invested in when we were kids, the complete set was purchased in 1966 followed by "year books" up into the 90s. Treblinka is nowhere to be found in the encyclopedia, neither is the "holocaust" and neither are the terms " concentration camps or gas chambers ", it's as if Treblinka never existed.

I put this in the NEWS sub because for some reason the other subs "don't exist" after I click on "submit"
Never Give Up, Never Surrender     (

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McAfee dead, totally not the Clintons fault     (

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Taunting them without actually saying it     (

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Anon Shows How Two Kikes Wrote All Pop Music in the Last 20 Years     (

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This always bugged me      (

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Putin As Reporter     (

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Simple math.     (

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Thanks, professor!
(((fact checkers)))     (

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What word could anon possibly be referring to?     (

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A mystery for the ages.
OMG a product!      (

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Why are they such faggots?
Toe the line or else     (

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They just so happen to be     (

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The only right answer     (

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Sorry for the poor quality
And then one day, for no reason at all...     (

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Jewish Attorney General Merrick Garland Declares War On The Open Internet: Seizes Domains Of Press TV and Middle East News Sites     (

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Jun. 22, 2021

Biden-appointed Attorney General Merrick Garland on Tuesday seized the domains of Iranian state media outlet Press TV as well as a bunch of other media outlets from throughout the Middle East.

The mass seizure of Middle East news websites comes just weeks after Israel decidedly lost the propaganda war in their latest bombing campaign in Gaza.

How long until they seize the domains of free speech websites over "hate speech"?
Nicely played      (

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Since the jews made a racist movie called "Karen" we should make a racist movie called "Shanequa"     (TellVoat)

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Get Ready For More Riots, All from a Simple Banana     (

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Sacrifice a nigger or else     (

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Scenes of forced vaccination occuring in India     (

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He role plays rough!      (

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ID Checks Out     (

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Last night's moon original content     (

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9 Year Old Confronts School Board, Demands BLM Posters Get Taken Down     (

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