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US government funds a Jew professor who trains Antifa on how to attack & dox pro-White activists     (justicereport.news)
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U.S. government funds anti-White research project headed by ‘Antifa’ researcher with ties to riots, doxing

May 29, 2023

Dayton, Ohio – A damning new report by a conservative watchdog organization has revealed that the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) is funneling thousands of dollars in federal grant money toward anti-White research projects. One recipient is a notorious Jewish professor with ties to “Antifa” and a violent criminal past.

The Biden White House on Thursday called on "all online platforms" to ban "extremist websites," ban "hate speech" and institute "zero tolerance" policies to protect Jews from antisemitism     (www.informationliberation.com)
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CARTOON: Jews are flooding Europe with Black Africans     (files.catbox.moe)
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Elite Jewess confesses to eating babies..... (not a misleading title, she literally says it)     (Jews)
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"She was the first woman to be nominated for the Vice Presidency of the United States on the Democratic ticket.[13] She also co-chaired a number of Soviet-American Citizen Summits, introducing a new concept called "SYNCON" to foster synergistic convergence with opposing groups. In addition, she co-founded the World Future Society, and the Association for Global New Thought

Hubbard's daughter Alexandra Morton is a marine biologist and her sister Patricia Ellsberg is the wife of Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg."

So this jewess like all of them was clearly betraying america to the communists. I've also noticed several elite jews' kids end up in marine biology... what's up with that? The hubbard surname seems to have just been chosen to cover up her real commie jew surname.
(((Biden State Dept ))) Refuses to Say If It Will Negotiate with Zelensky to Release U.S. Citizen     (beckernews.com)
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Biden White House Calls for Banning 'Extremist Websites' and 'Hate Speech' in 'National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism'     (www.informationliberation.com)
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May. 26, 2023

The Biden White House on Thursday called on "all online platforms" to ban "extremist websites," ban "hate speech" and institute "zero tolerance" policies to protect Jews from antisemitism.

The bold and highly illegal censorship effort forms the cornerstone of the White House's new "National Strategy to Counter Antisemitism."

Why It’s Easier to Talk to a Robot Than to a Jew - E. Michael Jones     (www.unz.com)
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Filthy fucking Trotsky kikes. ~ more details in comment     (files.catbox.moe)
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I was not aware of this, but it definitely makes sense in the (((Bidet))) administration:


Really wish the meme maker would check their spelling :(

Toss up, should I put it in TIL? Nope, jews it is!
This is Doglipstickwearer every time he makes a comment about me ahahahahahaha     (files.catbox.moe)
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this jew is in a fit of rage because I expose him and his kike tricks. He lies in bed at night mumbling my name to whatever cheap male hooker he has in bed room whacking with. dogle makes uploads worshiping nigger athletes because he wants to cup their black balls in his hands. He's so delusional that he will tell you that fat jew owen benjewin is the only reason white people are having babies. He really believes owen's hollywood homestead is real kek smdh
Serious Questions for normies     (Jews)
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“Has anyone ever counted all the way to six million?” “How long does it take to burn a turkey in an wood fired oven?” “No zyklon b in the gravy for me I’m allergic.” “I wonder if you dried the turkey skin if you could make lampshades out of it?” “is thanksgiving for the rebuilding of the destroyed temple at Sinai?” “Is that kosher salt?” “Did you hear them play the anthem on the radio?” “Are all stadiums tax subsidized?” “Everyone healthy here?” “ How are the kids school?” “Gone to the DMV lately?” “Everyone has their boosters?”
Jews are boasting about being the sole group responsible for destroying America      (files.catbox.moe)
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Video essay on paranoia and trust themes in movie 'The Thing': "It's unfortunate that real-life enemies don't have some physical appearance element that 100% identifies their true nature."     (youtu.be)
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Me: "But they do!"

It's the schnoz.
VIDEO: Britain's most powerful Jewish organisation is trying to get the UK government to ban Mark Collett's Patriotic Alternative     (www.bitchute.com)
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Biden Administration Unveils Historic Plan To Crush Criticism Of Influential Jews     (nationaljusticeparty.com)
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May 25, 2023

Yesterday, President Joe Biden announced a plan to use virtually every branch of the federal government, big business and civil society to ruthlessly suppress First Amendment protected criticism of Jewish political power and Zionism in the homeland.

The 60-page document, titled the “US National Strategy To Combat Anti-Semitism,” was created in part by Doug Emhoff, the Jewish husband of Vice President Kamala Harris. The goal of the project is to consolidate every power at Washington’s fingertips to engage in a political campaign to quell the American people’s rising awareness of the radically disproportionate influence Jewish people wield over the country.

So the guy who runs Wagner group orchestrating the war against white Ukraine and who also controls Putin's food is a jew     (en.wikipedia.org)
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Putin will swallow whatever this jew orders, literally.
Only 70%? We need to do better.     (files.catbox.moe)
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Holocaust Denier™ David Irving's Cincinnati conference - 1999 (Full)     (youtu.be)
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A great watch with some interesting guest speakers.

Also, sorry for the yt link.
Anyone else remember when North Korea was such a threat that Hollywood made two movies about it during a time of total peace? Weird how BLM and Muslim terror just replaced that.      (Jews)
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North Korea was there to keep us nervous during a calm time. I have never heard about North Korea after BLM. Weird. Also the sudden stop of Muslim terror is just as suspicious as the sudden beginning of it
Fix'd: This is one small tiny amount of gold stolen during the genocide of Iraq. Many 5 ton trucks were seen loaded with gold leaving. Where'd it go and why wasn't any of it used to pay off the national debt?     (files.catbox.moe)
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Adidas to donate Yeezy proceeds to Anti-Defamation League and other NGOs     (www.reuters.com)
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John Fetterman Makes A Joke About Anne Frank.     (www.youtube.com)
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I TESTIFY AGAINST THE JEWS – By Robert Edward Edmondson 1872-1959     (files.catbox.moe)
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Why Jews Hated and Marginalized Harry Belafonte     (www.unz.com)
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A Jew-Shaped Peg In A White-Shaped Hole     (files.catbox.moe)
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Deranged jewish teacher makes terroristic threats to students over allegedly finding a swastika drawing     (files.catbox.moe)
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