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A new level of magnet magic of which I was previously unaware      (youtube.com)
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The potential applications are absolutely vast. They've had this for decades, I'm sure.
Higher education and language skills may help ward off dementia     (www.sciencedaily.com)
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AKA learn a language or a higher cognitive skill NOW so you dont get the dementia nightmare ending later in life
Game of life style simulation indicates that ethnocentrism always dominates other social strategies in the long term.      (files.catbox.moe)
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Hammond, R. A., & Axelrod, R. (2006b). The evolution of ethnocentrism. Journal of Conflict Resolution, 50, 926-936
Thirsty tomatoes emit ultrasonic sounds—and other plants may be listening     (phys.org)
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Antibiotics and Human Height Increase     (www.sciencedaily.com)
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An Ancient Greek Astronomical Calculation Machine Reveals New Secrets     (www.scientificamerican.com)
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I found that can thing I was talking about. “Evolution of the beverage can”     (m.youtube.com)
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Baby born using three people's DNA     (www.bbc.com)
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Einstein was more than wrong. The truth behind Light's "duality". Nearly 100 years lost in a dead end of science due to Jewish nonsense.     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by VarlotPsykhe to science 1 month ago (+33/-12)
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The facts of the matter are stated plainly for all to see:


"Ask and you shall surely receive."

I asked for the true answer to the nature of our reality, and boy did I receive.

Ironically, just like where Einstein got hung up and got the world wrapped up in materialist, atomistic lies, so too with this same aspect we will find the truth: Lux Et Veritas. Light Is Truth.

And what better place to start than with the abject lunacy of the materialists' Quantum insanity?

Firstly, light is observed to have wave-like behavior (for a wave is what something does, not what something is) due to the fact that nothing is actually travelling; rather, the "speed" of light is erroneously thought of as something moving when in fact it's just the maximum speed that the aether itself can be disturbed. Something can have a speed without the object itself moving (i.e., the speed of sound is the speed of induction through the medium, same with light).

But I can almost hear your atomistic minds fuming. Wasn't the aether disproved already? No, there were 200+ models of the Aether in antiquity and only 1 got disproved. What's better is that Tesla had his own take on it, something known as "Elastic Aether" or the "Dynamic Aether" model.

Observe the following diagram. The top half of the image shows the conjugate field geometries of the dielectric and magnetic field pressures around a permanent magnet. Notice how the magnetic fields pinch the Dielectric into a "plane" of inertia near its center. Ken colored the dielectric field green in both examples. Notice how, in Light, that field which so curiously after Faraday and Maxwell, science, and Einstein and quantum assholes pretended like doesn't exist; that field modality is now the Z-Axis of the light photon or THE MEDIUM IF YOU WILL.


Stand in awe with me at the glory of creation, of the absolute, and join me in anger when you realize the divinity of what they have stolen from us. Updated toroidal representation of what the light-circuit actually looks like: https://files.catbox.moe/9i1ik2.png

What is the Dielectric? Ken Wheeler explains:


The primary half of the conjugate field modalities of the dielectric and the magnetic field. The inertial (capacitance, energy) or dielectric torsional, and lastly the circular magnetic. Dielectric is the capacitance potential of counterspace. Dielectric loss is defined as magnetism, increasing potential terminating towards and into counterspace is so defined as increasing of the dielectric inductance or charge. The smaller the space, the higher the dielectric, or capacitance. Space is the attribute of the magnetic which itself is the absence of or discharge of the dielectric. Counterspace is the medium of the dielectric which is the presence of the Ether under torsion, or as meant dielectric charge. The so-called electron is merely one unit of dielectric inductance as so conceptualized by Atomistic ignorance. J.J. Thomson considered the electron the terminal end of one unit line of dielectric induction. The dielectric manifests from and vanishes into counterspace, whereas magnetism manifests space itself, which while having no properties, has the attribute of magnitude & the measure of time or lag. The plane of inertia is the dielectric 45 degrees from magnetic flux and 90 degrees from gyromagnetic precession where force is inverted to increasing potential, or counterspace, the terminal of the dielectric. The dielectric is Ether under torsion, the magnetic is Ether under polarization, which is ultimately true field holography and that which gives mass and magnitude to all things. Dielectric and Magnetic are the dimensionalities and conjugate pair of the total expression of fields, the versors or metrical intermediaries of the conjugate fields; which are time and space or respectively measure, lag, torsion, and volume. So-called scalar waves (which ironically contain no wave-phenomena) and Tesla’s “death ray” are all high voltage dielectric phenomena. Instead of cycles per unit of time, such energy beams are measured in voltage per second. The dielectric is the torsional attribute of energy (or the Agathon), whereas magnetism is the release of that torsional energy and therefore its ‘mirage’ or projection. Dielectric is the inverse of force, the loss of the dielectric is force, or magnetism. Voltage is the dielectric, current is magnetism. Dielectric has two modalities, in loss as so deemed magnetism, and lastly as torsional or cyclical energy as carried in tandem with magnetism so deemed electricity and light. A dielectric is commonly referred to as a medium of dielectric inductance; most dielectric medium are clear/transparent. An electromagnet works in simplex by terminating all dielectric inductance in transformation into that of magnetism. Or in another manner of thought, by electricity losing its dielectric component.

Here's another cool graphic from Ken showing how all lines in nature are curve-linear and have their locus and origin (as do all fields) in counterspace, that which is inverse to all Cartesian domains, counterspace, the warp, subspace, that very place which is both nowhere and everywhere at once.


Blessed be the creator, blessed be God, blessed be the absolute. I will continue to post more as I find more insight, glory is all to the source of this divine beauty. This autistic man wrote a 230+ page book on the true nature of reality and what magnetism really is (a radiative force cannot attract, radiation displaces ONLY, magnetism is a radiative force, good luck untangling this one alone :P)

I’ll entertain questions about the nature of our reality and physics and why we haven't made real progress in the last few decades. The only way to be certain that I understand this high-caliber autism is by being able to explain it.

Dont get lost in the sauce when you hear people say things like "holographic universe" or "holographic reality". It is true, there is true field holography, but dont' get lost in the new age sauce about what it actually means.

Ken opened my eyes and helped me understand the simplicity of what it means. Read this ancient hindu proverb carefully with me "When this is present, that is present. When that is present, this is present". The reality of the universe is two, perfectly inverted geometries fitting one inside the other, one we are very familiar with and its the radiative, expansive and centrifugal force of magnetism, but this force holds hand in perfect holographic unity with its other incommensurable half: the counterspatial, centripetal and inertial force that opposes magnetism and "props up" the universe.

Ok OK I'll give the secret away, so if magnetism can only displace and is a radiative force and radiation cannot "pull" it can only push, whats happening exactly when an magnet comes close to an iron nail?

Every object in the universe has magnetic and dielectric fields. Just know that. It is what it is. The natural field-state of all objects are these two conjugate fields sitting inside each other, the donut shape of magnetism, and the hyperboloid of the dielectric.

A magnet is just a coherent field object or a "field laser" if you will. A five watt bulb? barely can read with it. But a five watt laser can start fires. Coherency matters.

So a magnet has all its atomic magneto-dielectric whirpools aligned in unison, causing the magnet to exhibit Field Incommensurability or what the atomists hilariously call "Domain alignment" lmao.

anyway, the iron nail knows no such coherency, As such its magnetic field is much less organized and coherent. When the magnet approaches and its much stronger magnetic field "blows away" the influence of the magnetic field from the nail, what is left?

The iron nail now has an imbalance in its local field geometry, namely that the balance of dielectric and magnetic forces for its iron atoms are now unbalanced. MEANING???

Meaning that nature always seeks pressure mediation. Which magnetism "blown away" from the iron nails center of influence, its dielectric field now is the stronger of the two (where normally magnetism reigns supreme) and now the dielectric field of the iron and the magnet act like soap bubbles, as they come closer they seek to unite at a new lower pressure point that is located proportionally between the center of the magnet and the iron nail. Seeing how the magnet is X-amount of stronger than the nail, its center of pressure is still within the physical mass of the magnet, but the nail's center of dielectric pressure now shifts OUSIDE OF THE NAIL ITSELF.

If Magnetism is the field modality of force and motion, what is the dielectric aether modality then? The field of inertia and acceleration.

And what does the nail experience at that tipping point where magnetism completely loses its influence and it becomes overtaken by the now dominant force of pure inertia/acceleration?

It exhibits a near instant acceleration or acceleration towards the magnet as its dielectric field merges with that of the magnet :]

So that's how those craft fly, and thats how lazar couldn't figure it out and why they couldn't just outright tell him what the sports model was doing. They had to make up some shit about element 115 to not give him the answer right away. It almost seems like Lazar was a patsy to make sure the brightest atomistic and quantum trained minds could not unlock the secrets of downed craft were they to crash in the course of their operation.

And what an amazing success. 30 years later and Lazar hasn't figured out that element 115 was a red herring for likely isotopes of Bismuth and its related, counter-spatial attributes and immense dielectric properties ;)

but I am getting off topic ;D
How America destroyed its most distinguished living scientist… honoring the 70th anniversary of the discovery of DNA’s structure…     (www.revolver.news)
submitted by ParnellsUprising to science 1 month ago (+10/-0)
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He says that he is “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really”, and I know that this “hot potato” is going to be difficult to address. His hope is that everyone is equal, but he counters that “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true”. He says that you should not discriminate on the basis of colour, because “there are many people of colour who are very talented, but don’t promote them when they haven’t succeeded at the lower level”. He writes that “there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so.”
Non-Linear Conjugate Field Theory: A Primer On Cosmology     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by VarlotPsykhe to science 1 month ago (+4/-3)
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It has come to my attention today and I’ve been motivated by the subversives and the Matrix-like agents that have a deep need to auto-refute anything that doesn’t line up with consensus - Peers of Lister and Galileo come to mind.

As such, I will be posting a chapter out of Ken Wheelers expansive explanation of reality and what magnetism truly is roughly once a week, and we’ll be going over all his historical proofs, the written history, the theory, the truth, the lies, the manipulation, and a much better and more coherent framework to tie up all phenomena one can observe in our cartesian realm.

Without further ado, I present a compiled “Forward” to his book on Magnetism, which is a PDF he titled “Definitions” and covers all the terms he uses in his theory almost like a dictionary. At the very end of that PDF / dictionary, is this single page essay titled “A Primer on Cosmology”.
Everything, every claim, every hypothesis thus laid forth will be covered in excruciating detail in the upcoming weeks.

— — —

As understood in Non-Linear Conjugate Field Theory, the universe is governed by classically understood “fields” and their pressures, and there is only one true field with several modalities distinguished by their attributes. Fields are ether perturbations, and they come in different modalities, such as radial, circular, transverse, spatial, or counterspatial. All field modalities are governed by force and motion, inertia and acceleration. Matter, on the other hand, is governed by capacitance, resistance, permeability, and permittivity. The universe's secret geometry is the dielectric hyperboloid and the torus of magnetism, which are the negative images of each other and create the conjugate geometry of the entire universe. The terms force, magnetism, and space are all the same thing in this context.

The 1, 1, Phi triangle is considered the most perfect proportion in Non-Linear Conjugate Field Theory. It contains the divine ratio, life, growth, harmony, and the meanings of 3, 6, and 9. Phi is to 1 as 1 is to Phi. The unity of cosmic mechanics is profoundly sublime, wise, and unified. Humans, by reason of ignorance, divide nature; such as ‘magnetism is here, light is over there, matter hither!’. One cannot divide what is already one and complete in itself.

Light is not a particle, nor a wave, nor a wave-particle 'duality'. It should not be thought of as having a speed, but rather as inducing the Ether's own delayed reaction to a perturbation. Light is actually a coaxial circuit, and it is a common misconception that it behaves as a particle. Instead, light is the result of rarefactions and manifestations of the radial dielectric pulse perturbations, which cause electromagnetic ripples that occur at frequencies dependent upon the power of the circuit. The higher the power, the higher the frequency and the smaller the spatial footprint of the light-circuit. The highest frequency of light is actually the fundamental particle itself, the proton.

When a stone is dropped into water, two phenomena occur simultaneously: a drop emerges from the surface, and waves or ripples propagate outward. The water can be understood as analogous to a type of ether, without a surface, and the drop and ripples are of and within the ether itself. Higher energy transfer to the ether results in smaller ripples, much like higher frequencies of light result in smaller spatial footprints and higher power/capacitance. Power resides in counterspace, not in space, which has no inherent properties, only attributes. Space is not a physical entity, but a lack of a physical entity. Power is the One, unmanifest in counterspace, and its holographic mirage is magnetism's offspring, space, which is empty and without substance.

The fundamental particle is a semi-stable phenomenon akin to a black hole. The dielectric radial pulse-perturbations of the circuit of light blink into and out of existence due to their low power. All matter of compounded elements are mutually accelerative. Galactic black holes emit ultra-high energy light, known as the proton or a hole in the ether. Similarly, magnetism, which is force itself, creates a toroidal mirage of a hole in the ether that humans call space. As the ancients have said countless times, everything is light, and this is to be taken quite literally.

Magnetism is a manifestation of the dielectric field and results in a torus and space due to loss of inertia or energy, as defined by 1/ Phi^-3. Electricity, on the other hand, is a hybrid of both the dielectric and magnetic and is not a field in and of itself. Gravity, as a separate entity, does not exist; rather, its phenomena is simply non-point-source mutual mass acceleration. The attraction-phenomenon known as 'magnetic-attraction' also does not exist, and is actually point-source dielectric acceleration, indistinguishable from so-called gravity, and only distinguished by their attributes. Just as ice, water, and steam are mere temperature and pressure modalities of water, all fields are fundamentally one and separated only by attribution. The dielectric hyperboloid and magnetic torus are the conjugate pair of the entire cosmos, and both are one. Nature governs all by pressure, through force and motion (magnetism), inertia and acceleration (dielectric), centrifugal magnetic divergence, and centripetal dielectric convergence (or so-called 'gravity').

There is no 'first-cause' or 'original sin'; nor should we indulge in ideas of duality in Nature. Life thrives on the plane of inertia, which is the lowest pressure zone between and apart from the mutually annihilating fields of the dielectric and the magnetic. Space and time are not real, but rather exist conventionally, not ultimately. Time measures magnitudes and is a concept created by humans to define change and motion. Force is a 3-dimensional S-curve, and the plane of inertia is always at the midpoint between magnetic centrifugal vectors, which are force polarities. A magnet does not have 'poles', but the inverse of counterspace, which is mass and magnitude. Nature's magnetic force vectors extend as a pair from counterspace and are 3-dimensional. All presumed magnetic poles are binary vectors of force, and all field 'lines' are simply markers of the conjugate constructive-destructive interference between magnetic and dielectric fields. A vortex is an array of curvilinear force vectors tied to the axis of inertia, which is rooted in counterspace. The vortex is the truth that no straight lines exist in nature, as all force lines are forever tied to the axis of inertia. At the center of a magnetic field, there is no magnetism, and at the center of 'gravity', there is no gravity.

Lux Et Veritas
the Cosmic calendar     (files.catbox.moe)
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Wheat amylase-trypsin inhibitors exacerbate intestinal and airway allergic immune responses in humanized mice     (www.sciencedirect.com)
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These results underline that wheat ATIs are important nutritional activators and adjuvants of allergy, which might be exploited for nutritional therapeutic strategies."

Essentially, unless you've got enough of the right type of gut lactobacillus to process the ATIs correctly, it leads to autoimmune problems, immune responses, and high levels of inflammation. So if you're having detectable inflammation problems, try cutting out wheat and possibly other grains to see if it changes.

Also, nigger...
What Is Science     (youtu.be)
submitted by GetFuckedCunt to science 1 month ago (+1/-1)
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"For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths."
The microwave background radiation is misinterpreted and is not proof of a big bang.. a microwave engineer explains.     (m.youtube.com)
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What Is A Vacuum?     (youtu.be)
submitted by GetFuckedCunt to science 1 month ago (+3/-4)
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Some of the fundamental basics for the globalists here to relearn.
Time-Bending Experiment: Physicists Reveal Quantum Nature of Light in a New Dimension     (archive.is)
submitted by Nasturtium to science 1 month ago (+5/-1)
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The material they used was a thin film of indium-tin-oxide, which forms most mobile phone screens. The materials reflectance is ultrafast.

This material is called metamaterial – one that is engineered to have properties not found in nature and when coupled with spatial control, could create new technologies and even analogues for studying phenomena like black holes.
Astronomers faked the first photo of a black hole. It's margin of error does not allow the detail in the reconstructed image     (m.youtube.com)
submitted by Crackinjokes to science 1 month ago (+6/-1)
Has anybody used this freedom GPT which is supposedly an uncensored version of chat got? The website is down.     (archive.md)
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The discovery of the microwave background radiation which implicated the Big bang was a mistake in engineering interpretation as proven by a better telescope.     (m.youtube.com)
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Images from Hubble     (esahubble.org)
submitted by AugustineOfHippo2 to science 2 months ago (+19/-4)
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these area some really awesome pics. i loved the ones showing the aurora on uranus, saturn and jupiter.
Basic Geometry 101 - Euclid's Optics, the geometry of vision. Linear Perspective. You didn't learn this in school.     (files.catbox.moe)
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Linear perspective is a technique used by artists to create the illusion of depth and space using relative size and position of a group of objects. To achieve this effect, there are three essential components needed in creating a painting or drawing using linear perspective:

1. Orthogonals (also known as parallel lines)
2. Vanishing point
3. Horizon line

Using these components, it is possible to arrange the composition of a work of art in a way similar to how the human eye sees the world. The guiding principle for this technique is that objects that are closer to the viewer appear to be larger, where objects that are further away appear to be smaller. In order to accomplish this, the artist places a horizontal line across the surface of the picture, which is known as the “horizon line.” Parallel lines or orthogonals then converge as they recede and meet at the vanishing point on the horizon line.

This is how our vision works, we can not see longer than a certain distance because of our limited perspective, when objects go beyond the vanishing point, they do just that and vanish. Then if the conditions allow for it, we can zoom into the object to bring it completely back into view.


ALAN might be to blame for a decrease in caterpillar populations     (royalsocietypublishing.org)
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I’m not a moon landing debater or a flat earther, but I just had a conspiracy theory idea that you guys can run with     (science)
submitted by TheBigGuyFromQueens to science 2 months ago (+2/-3)
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I don’t know if I really believe this, but I entertained my own thought, for sure:

The U.S. Government is using their best doctors and scientists and possibly cloned body parts to keep Buzz Aldrin alive and looking virile and younger than he actually is so the space program can have a rock star and figurehead. This Buzz Aldrin may even be a younger man who looks similar who they get to make rap videos and parade out to the public

I do believe we are being manipulated to suck Nasa’s dick, because beginning in 2016 all of these vapid idiot celebrities like the Kardashians began wearing NASA hoodies and it is a fashion trend that persists to this day. I felt like it was being artificially forced on us in its heyday of like 2020.
Even after removing “Gender Dysphoria” from the DSM, 82% of trannies still meet the remaining criteria for personality disorder.      (www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)
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