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"Why Printing Trillions of Dollars May Not Cause Inflation"     (

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I had a friend who was dating a girl      (AnonTalk)

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I wasn't around them often however I seen the level of manipulation she used on him
They was together for 10 months

she was always saying things like
"I would die for you baby"
"Let's get married soon"
"give me kisses"

At the time I thought this was great she was showing this much affection for him
I would have never seen this coming

He got a job opportunity that paid a lot of money but he would have to be gone for 3 weeks
she did not want him to leave but finally after a few days of convincing her that everything would be fine and he would be back home she finally accepted it and was fine with it
while he was gone ....

She met people online and had them come over... I don't think I need to go into detail

they had a home security camera system that I installed because I was their neighbor...

apparently she thought she deleted the camera recordings so when he finally got home a few days later everything seemed normal until he noticed that time period missing he asked for me to recover it
and at the time I didn't even piece together the fact she was home alone and this is what it was about until halfway through the data recovery process
I was a little curious and worried that there would be something wrong
but I remembered all the times I was around them the fact she said she would die for him made me feel as if she would never do something wrong I even I even laughed at the thought of her doing something like betraying

but she did with multiple guys.... I did not know what to say as we was looking at the videos

I don't want to get into details but I did not let him leave the house until he was calm and collected she wasn't worth him throwing away his life he was still young and did nothing wrong

later when she said why she cheated..... She said it was his fault he should not have left her alone.

Strange_Coincidences: Making a difference original content     (

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Are Ya Winning, Son?     (

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Are Your Ready for Climate Lockdowns?     (

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I'd much rather be speaking German     (

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Cuban vs Reuben Sandwich     (whatever)

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Which is superior and why?
Amerifasags Willing To Admit Thier Country Is The Source Of Contagion Yet?     (all)

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Take your fouci off, and breathe deep.

You're in the shit, eh?

Fucking Amerifags.
If you was going to die tomorrow What would your last words be or quote      (askanon)

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Are we the smart ones or not?     (AskVoat)

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It is clear that the wealthiest, most powerful, and most politically well-connected people on earth have an agenda.

The goal appears to be to usher in a modern serfdom of sorts, where anyone who isn't them owns nothing, and obeys all of their whims.

If they were to stage a pandemic in order to vaccinate and kill off a massive chunk of the human population, the end result would be that only the most sleepy, obedient idiots would take the vaccine and die (or at least lose their ability to procreate).

What if the plan is to get these people vaccinated in preparation for the release of a real bioweapon which will kill anyone who isn't vaccinated. This would result in all of us freedom-loving, independent, free-thinking people dying, which would seem much more amenable to their end goals.

So I just wanted to get your take on these thoughts.
Asians Subdue a Rampaging Sheboon     (

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Saw this huge beaver lodge on the snake river the other day. original content     (

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Tensions Rise As G7 Attendees Accidentally Refer To Justin Trudeau Using Masculine Pronouns     (

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Did anyone download the discography of Mr Bond with all the nationalist songs?      (all)

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they REALLY dont like it when one of their own tells them difficult truths. good for you, milo.     (

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Juneteenth is for niggers to celebrate because they were sad they didn't get to celebrate Father's Day.     (all)

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Way to fuckin' steal Father's Day weekend
Oy vey, enjoy the warmth goy.     (

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I hear jews will end up in a much hotter place.
Juneteenth - Celebrating the death of Soviet spies!     (

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From Kikepedia:

The execution was delayed from the originally scheduled date of June 18, because Supreme Court Associate Justice William O. Douglas had granted a stay of execution on the previous day. That stay resulted from intervention in the case by Fyke Farmer, a Tennessee lawyer whose efforts had previously been scorned by the Rosenbergs' attorney, Emanuel Hirsch Bloch.

The execution was scheduled for 11 p.m. that evening, during the Jewish Sabbath, which begins and ends around sunset. Bloch asked for more time, filing a complaint that execution on the Sabbath offended the defendants' Jewish heritage. Rhoda Laks, another attorney on the Rosenbergs' defense team, also made this argument before Judge Kaufman. The defense's strategy backfired. Kaufman, who also stated his concerns about executing the Rosenbergs on the Jewish Sabbath, rescheduled the execution for 8 p.m.—before sunset and the Sabbath—the regular time for executions at Sing Sing.

On June 19, 1953, Julius died after the first electric shock. Ethel's execution did not go smoothly. After she was given the normal course of three electric shocks, attendants removed the strapping and other equipment only to have doctors determine that Ethel's heart was still beating. Two more electric shocks were applied, and at the conclusion eyewitnesses reported that smoke rose from her head. Joseph Francel, then New York State Electrician, was the executioner.

The funeral services were held in Brooklyn on June 21. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were buried at Wellwood Cemetery, a Jewish cemetery in Pinelawn, New York. The Times reported that 500 people attended, while some 10,000 stood outside:

The bodies had been brought from Sing Sing prison by the national "Rosenberg committee" which undertook the funeral arrangements, and an all-night vigil was held in one of the largest mortuary chapels in Brooklyn. Many hundreds of people filed past the biers. Most of them clearly regarded the Rosenbergs as martyred heroes and more than 500 mourners attended to-day's services, while a crowd estimated at 10,000 stood outside in burning heat. Mr. Bloch [their counsel], who delivered one of the main orations, bitterly exclaimed that America was "living under the heel of a military dictator garbed in civilian attire": the Rosenbergs were "Sweet. Tender. And Intelligent" and the course they took was one of "courage and heroism."

The Rosenbergs were the only two American civilians to be executed for espionage-related activity during the Cold War. Ethel was the last female convict to be electrocuted in the state of New York and also the first of only two women executed by the federal government in the 20th century, the other one being Bonnie Heady, also executed in 1953.
Does burnout on street paint, goes to jail.     (

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WTF! Estrogen being considered as cure for Covid in men.     (

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Divide and Conquer      (

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Look Who Decided to Contribute to the Guild     (

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Full Page Ad in NYT (08/28/20): "We are Jewish organizations and synagogues from across the racial and political spectrum; from different streams of Judaism; whose members trace their lineages from countries around the world. We speak with one voice when we say, unequivocally: Black Lives Matter."     (

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Juneteenth, the true reason     (

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This guy is doing work, I cant believe this is not a larp, If its a larp its brilliant, If not its peak clown world     (

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