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VALUABLE : Lost your scamdemic card? Can’t remember your 'vaccine' lot numbers? Then Here, Enjoy! Make sure ‘check-digits’ intact!      (

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NIGGERTOPIA! California to de facto LEGALIZE Mugging White People, if a Black mugs a White person, merely a citation misdemeanor if under $950 and no critical harm. Also : Skidding tires on BLM illegal street paintings now FELONY vandalism, possible HATE CRIME enhancement if driver White! Why?     (

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California has a "Three felonies = 25 years" law, so 95% of Blacks and spics committing an actual THIRD felony are usually not charged as felonies, but home invasion and muggings are hard to "make go away" , thus this law change. Too many non-whites in prison. San Francisco did something similar a few years ago for Robbing unoccupied cars of Whiteys.... not a crime to smash-and-grabs!!! : Who is behind this degeneracy?
(video) ASTOUNDING THIRD REICH city filter concept ! This VR Demo brought actual TEARS OF JOY to my eyes! Android VR and and Apple Starboard glassOS could redefine wearable computing. Filters out shitskins, replaces graffiti and trash. Dec 2021? Will VR vendors allow this AMAZING app?!     (

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This example annoys Jews on voat, but imagine the VR glasses merely race swapping all the humans, cleaning litter, and taking off ghetto graffiti. Nice app! info on apples VR glasses that pair with phone in pocket for more AI power if needed : That video in that main post link is the most joyous thing I have ever seen all year.
ATTENTION! : Voat is UNDER ATTACK today by groups of paid Leftists meant to ruin social media sites that are 'Hate Thought' ! VOAT UNDER ATTACK!     (

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Example of all new content being slammed below Gabara (and many sockpuppets) gibberish on /"new" (v/all?view=new) See? -4 downvotes in mere minutes , to "0" to reach the effect of it being lower than the gibberish signal to noise attacks today on SITE IS SUBVERTED! VOAT.XYZ is almost thoroughly compromised at this point by paid attackers, meant to disenchant any contributors that will now probably flee to less free sites like Gab and Poal. Its the goal of leftists here to use the rules to destroy this site. If downvotes were limited to 2% or less of upvotes given, this crap would stop, or if people could elect to have all their voted they receive be visible (up or down), these JIDF/ADL/SPLC ShareBlue Soros tactics would fail. This site is Provably utterly ruined at the moment, and those two images illustrate a form "Gibberish attack" upon us. I cant believe this is allowed to happen here. And it will only accelerate until no users are left. Only paid Jews and paid leftists will remain!
BLACK TORCH BEARER for Japan! (((Japan Olympic Committee))) is corrupt? Naomi Osaka, an illegal alien living in America, who speaks no Japanese at all, chosen to represent 126 million Japanese as Torch Bearer! She spends her time in USA giving 'racial justice' speeches. What happened to Japan?     (

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(((Globalist))) perversion and race mixing ruins Olympics for Japan : Viewership down to 36% expected ratings. Anyone watching any of it is flooded with 'ant racist' TV commercials, and if watching team sport, almost every single closeup is a closeup of a sweaty Black athletes. Its portrayed as if all teams are majority Black for every nation. Some say viewership is also down because all female gymnasts in 2021 are forced to wear MUSLIM NECK TO TOE body suits. No joke. Muslim gymnasts used to be 'disadvantaged' in the past, so now all Whites need to wear Muslim Modesty Suits in gymnastics, to be fair.
(fiction clip) ALARMING video of tranquilizer armed 'Delta-Strain Patrols' hunting down COVID 'Vaxx deniers'! Happily, video has bittersweet ending. Has EU come to this? Enjoy!     (

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Blacks always keep screeching about so-called PRIVILEGE. What is privilege? (please add to this list ! )     (

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(video) AMUSING ! White Paris suburbs had enough of the African Muslim Invaders! New rules for how White students must walk in Paris suburban Elementary schools - Bellamy Salute style, but goose-stepping is optional!     (

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2021.07 - HORROR! Depraved low IQ Brazilian mobs kill unarmed Truck Drivers, then Villagers loot interstate Trucks - no police - worthless paramedics. Brazil is now destroyed from their low IQ bloodline and from White flight !     (

submitted by try to RaceRealism 4 days ago


Vile new today ! 5 Year old little White Blonde girl held as Sex slave for 2 days by a Detroit Nigger ! Kidnapped Detroit girl saved after neighbor hears her yell for help. Are Blacks even Human?     (news)

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A 5-year-old little White Blonde girl was saved from an alleged kidnapping and captivity after she yelled for help to her neighbors about a 'monster.' Police later discovered her father dead outside their apartment. Maggie Millsap, 5, yelled for help from the window of a duplex on June 30, saying a monster was coming. Her neighbor and babysitter Raynell Jones called 911 after hearing the girl. And the 1st article here from Detroit. (archive without video or pictures) Neighbors told WDIV-TV that they believed the girl was held hostage for two days while her father's dead body laid outside their door. Daily Mail today : *Girl, 5, is rescued by neighbors after yelling for help and banging on the windows after being 'kidnapped by monster' who lived across from her apartment where cops found her father dead* Poor little Girl! And The cops refuse to prosecute the Negroid for RAPE of a White child and refuse to prosecute him for MURDER of a White man. Rape and Murder are 'racist laws by Whitey'.
Hah! The Girl of Our Dreams ! They are somewhere out there! Get a 'Keeper'     (

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The Holohoax important to Correct!! Is this funny cartoon somehow 'Hate Thought' in EU nations? Why is Free Speech illegal when it comes to Holohoax facts?     (

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FBI on will downvote this link but.... the 12 FBI Paid informats to frame the 6 Michigan militia guys were paid well. COURT DOCS out... $54,000 payments to some to get Feds to help fabricate evidence of a plot ! I wonder if all got about that much? Shocking link.     (

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also this link "
(video) GOODIFIED !! Guess the Race ! A future NASA scientist, Brain surgeon, and possibly the first man to walk on Mars, Rezek Yaqub Yahya, shot and killed in the Salt Lake City park by racist White cops after he critically stabbed a White girl, and tried to stab cops! Who agitated the Blacks ?!     (

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GOYIM TV MERCHANDISE : Look at these HILARIOUS T-Shirts! The ADL has spent months trying to take down this T-Shirt site run by Goyim TV. So many awsome based shirts to enrage Jews.     (

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The controversy write up :
TRANNY DEPRAVITY !! Leyna Bloom, a biological man who identifies as a woman, has just become the first open TRANNY COVER MODEL in (((Sports Illustrated))) Swimsuit Issue history! How did this happen ??!     (

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Cops also love to play Pokemon !     (

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(video) SHOCKING SCANDAL !! Sky News report on SARS-2 'Delta' variant -- More vaccinated deaths than unvaccinated! Covid-19 mainly kills the vaccinated! Listen to excuse! Why!?     (

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If David Hogg and Greta Thunberg have a BABY! Why do so many Leftists have odd-looking creepy faces?     (

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Real photos. Different SPECIES can sometimes produce fertile offspring! SPECIES, not subspecies, Abominations!     (

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The extended Spanish Empire race chart. I laugh every time I see this chart.     (

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Hah! Flip the Script! Is it racist to print these out and put them next to the similar leaflet pile at George Floyd 'memorial'? FLIP THE SCRIPT! What will happen if I do?     (

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Typical College Book Store - Back to School Sale. How did universities get this way?     (

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Cute. This little darling loves wearing a 1488 shirt to Grandmas. Raise them right!     (

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(113 videos!) Over 110 of the best South African marxist RACE WAR riot videos from the past three days, up to July 14 2021. BitChute censored these. Please Sticky.     (videos)

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Please Sticky this post for a week. (113 videos!) Over 110 of the best South African marxist RACE WAR riot videos from the past three days, up to July 14 2021. BitChute censored these. Please Sticky. Amazing, and censored from most media sites. BITCHUTE CENSORED Most of these too! : refer to Olin Live : *Olin Live : BITCHUTE CENSORED My Video Of Looters Destroying South Africa! BOYCOTT BITCHUTE!*: The only place you can see all of these horrific videos of Black Carnage is on,, and enjoy : [SouthAfrica-a Zombie Apocalypse - continues - Soweto Dobsonville city ares -Blacks break on through to pillage.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-a Zombie apocalypse - Durban - Mobeni area South Coast Road warehouses + factories.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-a Zombie Apocalypse - from Air - Durban south africa from air.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-a Zombie Apocalypse - Blacks storm KwaDukuza CBD in KwaZulu-Natal.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-a Zombie Apocalypse - Looting in Mariannhill_ KwaMamdekazi_ in KZN on Sunday night.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-150 foot tall flames - Large paper warehouses burned.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-africa intersection.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-all container depots looted - looting ships and ports - warehouses already robbed.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-all gun shops looted by blacks - no gun licenses needed for kaffir.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-all the black cops looting - just like the 23 USA Black Cops did During Katrina disaster.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-all warehouses looted- all rail yards, all shipping ports, all container depots, looting accelerating.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-anarchy shootings - mayhem citywide in race war.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Another black SAP cop looting - thousands of black cops are looting - some are not cops and are EFF wearing fake uniforms.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Another mall in Edendale Pietermaritzburg.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Armed security surrounds entire huge store - tells looters to leave and they do leave.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-ArmedCitizensFireOnRioters- from multiple positions-2]( [SouthAfrica-ArmedCitizensFireOnRioters- blacks ambushed by angry citizens - 3]( [SouthAfrica-AsSunSets-Looting Continues - After picked clean this street will be lit on fire.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-ATMs - Nedbank ATM.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-ATMS drained (jackpotted) by insiders with access maintenance codes.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-black looter breaks glass on the top floor of a South African mall, then falls multiple stories.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Black man with arms cut off looting with his feet.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-blacks attacking trucks 2021.07 - all highways shut down.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-blacks burning cop cars.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Blacks clean out White restaurants using back door in just minutes - AMAZING locusts.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Blacks raging - all equipped with Zulu sticks, spears, DAGGERS, and clubs, seeking Whiteys and Indians to beat.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Brookside Mall in Pietermaritzburg 1_ KZN_ raided by looters before it went up in flames]( [SouthAfrica-Brookside Mall in Pietermaritzburg 2- after it was looted and parts set on fire.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Brookside Mall in Pietermaritzburg 3, KZN, on Fire - burning all looted food malls and stores.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-burning all white farms accelerating - sugar cane fields went first in KwaZulu-Natal.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-burning City Life building in Durban, Whiteys burned hiding in their skyscraper apartments.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-burning more malls and stores - Eatonville gutted, then set on fire too]( [SouthAfrica-car dealership robbed of parts - every car stripped - keys locked in massive safe.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Chaos in Greytown_ KZN - Any unarmed Whiteys found are savagely beaten]( [SouthAfrica-China Mall in Pietermaritzburg_ KZN_ on fire.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Debonairs Pizza scooter looted - one of many pizza scooters looted__loop]( [SouthAfrica-dozens killed in Guateng - armed private security shooting some looters.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Durban, South Africa - thousands stealing all remaining goods.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Durban, South Africa - downtown devastated - phase 1.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-emergency food and produce truck convoy 6 miles long - this was final convoy attempt. No more.jpg]( [SouthAfrica-endless gunfire in race war in KZN - bullets precious but thousands of shots per hour.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Entire Malls Looted.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-every furniture store looted too.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Farming Stopped - Trucking stopped - Milk going down the drain from a farm in the Ixopo area_ KZN.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-fire bombing Gated White houses near perimeters while Whites sleeping - Whites being burned alive sleeping.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-funeral homes robbed_one of many robbed funeral homes__loop.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Globalist Jew Marxists paying Blacks to loot White towns! - A caught Looter ADMITS being moved into region to loot.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Gonna need a bigger car! - Blacks not so Good at Geometry and Math.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Greater Edendale Mall in Pietermaritzburg_ KZN_ up in flames on Sunday night- fully looted.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Happy Kaffir has lots of Ribs he looted from White area Supermarket.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-helicopter trying to stop hundreds of looters - Blacks ignore unarmed Helicopters - Megawarehouses looted - ports looted]( [SouthAfrica-humorous - african style curbside pickup - not fake viral but might be.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Hungry- no food in White Areas- Endless lines at the Athlone Circle shopping centre in Pietermaritzburg- many not serviced - no products_ KZN.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-indian paid security cleans up White side of town - Only Indians can shoot at Blacks.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Jabulani Mall in SOWETO- CNBCs Rahal actually said this is for social justice for Blacks because of White Racism.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Johannesburg police face-off with looters, fire stun guns finally, first time ever.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Johannesburg, South Africa after blacks destroyed it looting Tuesday night.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-july 13 violence spread to CAPE TOWN!!.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-KwaZulu-Natal - Durban total destruction after mobs in the thousands descended on Nandi Drive.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-looter at the Diepkloof Square happy that no cops arresting and no cops shooting.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-looters arrested - charges will be dropped predictably.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-looters happy at food they stole from white stores.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Looters ransack Nottingham Road Engen as SAPS watch.webm]( [SouthAfrica-looters rob looters - funny - might makes right]( [SouthAfrica-Looters driving back home GETTING FIRE BOMBED by enraged locals.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-looting construction sites of CEMENT bags and rebar.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Looting continues at Lamontville in Durban.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Looting continues in Stanger.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Looting in Estcourt in KwaZulu-Natal.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-looting in KZN part 1 - video by paid photojournalist.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Looting remaining beverage distribution depots.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Loots Woolworths - Gets Into stolen Mercedes Benz__loop.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Loves eating Cake at the White supermarket.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Luxury stores looted in White malls - Louis Vitton.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-main highway blocked - SANDF together with SAPS Durban old airport.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-More cops LOOTING and filling their cars - thousands of real and fake cops (EFF) are looting]( [SouthAfrica-More Malls Looted - police will start making arrests in 3 days.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Music instrument store ransacked in Durban.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Near mall of africa before region all shut down.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Pan Africa Mall looted fully.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Pan Africa Mall_loop.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-people fighting back burning homeless camps.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Pro-Zuma protesters block N11 near Ladysmith_ KZN.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Queen Nandi Road.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Riots and looting in Alex.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-blacks steal the animals from white farms.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Scottsville Mall in Pietermaritzburg KZN has also been looted.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Self-Storage LOOTED.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-south africa black helicopter pilot training anti-looter SWAT, lands on top of some.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-South Africa_ Looters fighting with Whites in Johannesburg Pt3.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-South Africa_ Police use _Water Truck to spray on Looters._ Pt4.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Soweto Dobsonville Mall looted_loop.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Soweto Dobsonville Mall looting - security fence toppled.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Soweto Dobsonville Mall looting - shopRite.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Soweto Dobsonville Mall looting.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Springfield Park Makro.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-stealing fuel from underground tanks across nation.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-supermarkets after blacks visit - Complete devastation.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-tease water cannon - fuck around and find out.MP4]( [SouthAfrica-thousands of blacks burning towns and looting.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-total devastation - warehouses looted.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-total town devastation.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Value Warehouse is on fire at Cato Ridge - looted and burning.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-volvo trucks being burned by blacks.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-water treatment facility in Pietermaritzburg has been set on fire.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-white motorists are being killed on roads.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-White shoots attacking black mugger__loop.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Whites arresting fake cops! - Some looters dressed as Cops are ANTI-WHITE EFF party members!.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-whites fighting back to drive out black invaders.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-whites not allowed to block streets - black cops want whites invaded.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-whites NOT ALLOWED to get food! blacks and jews only allow Looting.mp4]( [SouthAfrica-Zuma supporters riot in Johannesburg, loot shops.mp4]( Enjoy! EDIT : COUNTLESS MORE, different unrelated South African riot videos! : Interesting site with great clips, but not one video has a description (city, road, building, reason, etc). No contexts.