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Nigger brain reveals how it can't comprehend how someone can get mad over something that didn't happen to them personally     (www.ladbible.com)
submitted by BlueEyedAngloMasterRaceGod to Niggers 5 hours ago (+3/-0)
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this is why they're capable of such cruelty. they can't understand any abstract prospect like 'i wouldn't want that to happen to me, so i won't do it to someone else'. they just do what they feel like.
Huge black dot four times the size of the Earth has appeared on the sun     (www.ladbible.com)
submitted by dulcima to Space 4 days ago (+13/-0)
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Playboy model marries herself, promptly divorces... herself.      (www.ladbible.com)
submitted by big_fat_dangus to Retarded 1.2 years ago (+9/-1)
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Woman Who Made £37,000 A Week Selling Farts Hospitalised For Trying To Fart Too Much     (www.ladbible.com)
submitted by big_fat_dangus to ThotPatrol 1.4 years ago (+8/-2)
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Blankets Of Spiderwebs Have Popped Up Following Floods In Victoria     (www.ladbible.com)
submitted by dulcima to Australia 2.0 years ago (+7/-0)
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