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"In spite of all the humiliating defeats Einstein met in the scientific world, a pro-Einstein press stuck by him and unfairly smeared those who legitimately criticized him."     (

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Quote taken from page 14. The entire book divulges into the scam known as (((Albert Einstein))).
Unique anti-black collection from my own personal stash     (books)

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This document does a good job explaining where nigger worship came from. It's a strange phenomenon, right? Anyway, Black Boosterism became the war strategy of the British Empire against the U.S. at the time of the founding. Samuel Morse (the guy who invented the code) is great about explaining what the Brits were doing using blacks against us. That's this.
The first chapter of Van Evrie's Negroes and Negro Slavery is an excellent supplement for those who'd like to know more about how negro-mania came to be. catbox is down or I'd make the pdf. I have more really good stuff on negroes.

edit: the stuff will come in as I'm able to work on it.

Racial Pecularities of the Negro Brain by Robert Bennett Bean.

Racial Anatomical Pecularities by D.K Shute

On the Negro's place in Nature by Dr. James Hunt

The Conflict of Colour by Putnam Weale.

Colchester collection on race.

The Negro Problem by N.S. Shaler.

Negroes in Negroland by Helper

Selected Articles on the Negro Problem.

The Negro A Menace to American Civilization by R.W. Shufeldt.

Who is Responsible for the Present Slavery Agitation.

Evidence Against the Views of the Abolitionists by Colfax.

Menace of Colour by J.W. Gregory.

The Negro Problem by William Cabell Bruce.

Racial Integrity and Other Features of the Negro problem by A.H. Shannon.

A Comparative Study of the Negro Problem by Charles C. Cook.

Opinions of Henry Brougham on Negro Slavery.
The major works of Joe McCarthy     (books)

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From Major Jordan's Diaries     (

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Anti-Vaccination Collection      (books)

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Horrors of Vaccination Exposed by Charles Higgins Researches Upon 
Spurious Vaccination in the Confederate Army by Joseph Jones
The crime against the school child compulsory vaccination by Higgins 
The Truth about Vaccination by H Valentine Knaggs  
The Vaccination Superstition by J.W. Hodge
Unanswerable Objections to Vaccination by Isaac Peebles  
Vaccination a Curse and Menace by Peebles
Vaccinations Fallacies and Evils by Dr Robert Gunn  
New Guerrilla warfare pdf bundle     (books)

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CIA Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare
Threat Force Paramilitary and Nonmilitary Organizations and Tactics
Guerrilla Warfare by Che Guevara
Guerillas in the Mist
Guerilla Warfare Tactics in Urban Environments
Atrocities of Poland     (

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Researches Upon "Spurious Vaccination," or the Abnormal Phenomena Accompanying and Following Vaccination in the Confederate Army, During the Recent American Civil War, 1861-1865 by Joseph Jones     (

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It's gotta be sabotage; same as today.
Four Books You Must Read Before We Get Nuked --- All 4 Books --- Advanced to Extremely Advanced Reading Comprehension     (books)

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Using this thriftbooks links because.. it's not amazon .. etc..

In no particular order

Book 1
War and Peace. Difficulty Advanced
Great Book with lots of French character names to remember. You will be confused for about 200 pages then it takes off and gets really good. It's about war.. and then peace.

Book 2
Les Miserables --- Ok not super hard to ready but it's long and has many
story lines.
Because it is fucking awesome. A must must read. Adventure and a look at the old days. Great book. Forget any movie you ever saw.. it's bullshit.

Book 3
Cryptonomicon Difficulty -- Very Difficult.

This book is great, it has Action, Code breaking. Secret Nazi gold. More code breaking. Throw in some mathematics and some Alan Turing. And underground tunnel secret Nazi gold. So if you like Action Action Action with High level mathematics and Code breaking and more secret underground trapped hidden nazi gold.. this is the book.

Book 4
The Sotweed Factor. Difficulty.. are you out of your fucking mind?

Huge book. Many many many pages. You want to remember characters? Try hundreds.
You will be confused for about 500 pages but then.. slowly you will become enlightened. Set back in the day of Dandy's and Fops . the new World of America is burgeoning.. A complete idiot who nobody likes gets sent to America to become the Poet Laureate of Maryland. They sent him there to get rid of him. He ends up selling tobacco. ( The Book Title is from Olde English. SOTWEED is what they used to call tobacco in the 1780s. Factor is what you call now a " middleman " the happy merchant Buys tobacco then " Factors " in his profit , and resells it. So the title reads as such " The tobacco middleman " This Book is 100 percent fucking amazing. At the end it's one of those books you say.. Just fucking WOW.
If you make it to the end. First 500 pages you will struggle and plow through.. filing name in your head to be retrieved at a later date. By page 600 you will not be able to put it down. THIS BOOK IS FUNNIER THAN HELL ONCE YOU REALIZE WHAT IS GOING ON.

Every one of these books is The Best of the Best and I could not decide which I like more. You want a challenging read? Each one of these books you will be extremely happy you read it.

Good sci-fi/fantasy books?      (books)

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I'm out of internet and want to download an e-book in the mean time
NATURAL CURES they don't want you to know about.     (books)

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Vaught's Practical Character Reader     (

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Author Barbara Tuckman: ***Fuck**     (

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Holy Fuk, The guns of August is a classic work of history. It won the pulitzer price. What I have been reading about WW1 recently implicates jewish folks. In particular, Henry Morganthau, Jr., who facilitated the US getting into world war 2 with Japan and Germany. I downloaded the "Guns of August" and looked up her bio. *Fuck* Lying cunt obfuscated the truth. But great writer.
The President's Brain is Missing - fiction?     (

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"Israel is a nation which was founded by terrorists, ruthless men with histories of committing genocidal crimes and false flag terror attacks."     (

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Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed The World by Christopher Bollyn.
The Survival of the Wisest by Jonas Salk     (

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Here's a pdf I'm really enjoying. The Interrogation of Henrich Muller     (

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Looking for good Audio book recommendations     (books)

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I checked out "Operation Snow" from my local library and listened during the work commute. It was a life changing moment. Currently enjoying John Toland's "Rising Sun" which ties right in.

What do you recommend for audiobooks?
Free E-Book by Dr. John Coleman – "The Rothschild Dynasty"     (

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Anyone read Culture of Critique?      (books)

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Honestly heard nothing but good things. But not many specifics
Icebreaker: The book proving Stalin was about to invade Germany. And another book containing all the primary sources.      (

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It’s not just a larp theory, it’s a proven historical fact right from the German and Russian military archives.

Here’s the second book on primary sources.
I was plannning on selling off my antique books but not now...     (books)

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A total house fire destroyed my excellent collection of books and magazines (huge collection of near mint playboys- had playboy #2). I've purchased only a few since then and in the past year was planning on get rid of anything and everything that I didn't really "need".

Not now. As books are banned and rewritten and the past is totally washed away, I will have my little cash of books, *real* books and they will forever speak to the past.
The Methods of Race-regeneration by Caleb Saleeby     (

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How to Use Your Enemies by Baltasar Gracian     (

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A collection of the writings of Jefferson Davis     (

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