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5 comments block

[ - ] TheOriginal1Icemonkey 4 points 4 days ago (+4/-0)

Imagine that. Niggers not liking other niggers. I mean, who would?

[ - ] boekanier [op] 6 points 4 days ago (+6/-0)

american niggers apparently the worst

[ - ] AryanPrime 3 points 3 days ago (+3/-0)

fun fact

out of all the "africans" the US negro has the highest IQ average at 85

The ashkenazi kike has an average of 84 if you remove "high verbal IQ"

Take this into consideration...kikes, like niggers...love to lie and get free gibs, but are much better at "Creating false justification" for their actions

If you understand that the kike is like 35% nigger DNA you will understand how and why these two groups are so similiar.

If the smartest nigger on the planet can't be counted on to live in a civil manner in an Aryan nation why would a kike?

They all need to be deported...kikes and niggers alike...kikes ran the slave trade, all "american blacks" should be deported to israel for their "reparations"

[ - ] SteppingRazor 2 points 3 days ago (+2/-0)

Top nigger comment ‘I’m Black and I approve this message’

[ - ] texasblood -1 points 3 days ago (+0/-1)

Same applies everywhere.
US niggers are sub human beast.