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Dresden the real Holocaust. Allied fire bombing of German civillian cultural center at the end of WWII.

submitted by allAheadFull to whatever 4 days ago (+65/-0)     (gvid.tv)


The purpose of the attack according to Allied archives was to inflict maximum loss of civilian life of Dresden residents and refugees fleeing the raping marauding Red Army.

Thousands of US and British bombers dropped tons of conventional explosives and incendiary white phosphorus that burns at 5000 degrees.

The intense heat of nearly 2000 degrees Fahrenheit caused an updraft in the center of the fire and smoke that pulled in air from the surrounding areas at an estimated 1000 miles per hour.

On the second night, after people had come out of their air raid centers, and rescue personnel had come from other cities, the Allies bombed Dresden again in the same matter.

US P51 Mustangs flew low and fired directly on groups of civilians.

On the third day, after cleanup had begun, and more rescue workers had come to render aid and clean up, Dresden was bombed again.

150,000 - 300,000 people were killed in the attack.

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[ - ] 1234lkjh 4 points 4 days ago (+4/-0)

It's so weird that people on this site support Russia when they are such pieces of shit rapists. How many German women were raped and murdered by Russians I wonder.

[ - ] KingsPawn 7 points 4 days ago (+7/-0)*

The founder of Bolsheviks (Vladmir Lenin) was a Jew, the heads of Bolshevik and 80% of Soviet staff were Jews... Communism is Jewish. Kikes rape Russia (1917), then they rape Hungary (1919), Latvia (1920) Ukraine (1922) and Poland (1944). Of course scoundrels and perverts eastern-european whites became communists to rob, rape and kill other white people. They were all turned into "beasts" according to the Jews themselves. USSR's KGB was ruled by the Jews and imposed unbearable suffering on the Russian people, even Vladimir Putin already admitted that.

"The beast has licked hot human blood. The man-killing machine is brought into motion ... But blood breeds blood ... We witness the growth of the bitterness of the civil war, the growing bestiality of men engaged in it." ---- Julius Martov, a Jew and best friend of Lenin and mentor of Trotsky, they were all Jews.

Jews fund it, Jews founded it, Jews created it, Jews did it and they confirm everything they have done.

[ - ] oursenilepresident 0 points 4 days ago (+2/-2)*

All evils do lead back to actions of Jews, but.....


It keeps LYING about atrocities of ENGLAND by commingling Allies and commingling USA.

USA did plenty of evil and murdered and starved millions after WW2 on purpose, but FUCKING FAKE PROPAGANDA about Dresden bombings keeps falsely blaming allies like USA and RUSSIA. It was Englands evils.

Dresden is England's Idea but liars try hard to make it look like USA was an equal partner.

= = = = =

FUN FACT #862 : Dresden deaths of civilians are provably on British hands, not much on USA.

Every single bomb used is properly tallied and recorded in financial records. And it was 90% death by BRITISH not the USA.

Every single bomb tallied, every mission location recorded.

This is not a shame on USA as much as it is on Britain.

It would be like blaming Dresden on other allies in WW2, like Russia.

Even this year the original purchase archives and usage archives exist intact in USA. The operation has a tally of every bomb dropped by USA.

All that is relevant is LOCATION of the bomb targets (usa avoided city centers), and TONNAGE.

Tonnage of total bombs is key.

Wikipedia concurs on targets of USA :

Date |Target area |Force |Aircraft |High explosive bombs on target(tons) |Incendiary bombs on target (tons) |Total tonnage|
--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |--- |
7 October 1944 |Marshalling yards |US 8th AF |30 |72.5 |— |72.5
16 January 1945 |Marshalling yards |US 8th AF |133 |279.8 |41.6 |321.4
14 February 1945 |CITY AREA |RAF BC |772 |1477.7 |1181.6 |2659.3
14 February 1945 |Marshalling yards |US 8th AF |316 |487.7 |294.3 |782.0
15 February 1945 |Marshalling yards |US 8th AF |211 |465.6 |— |465.6
2 March 1945 |Marshalling yards |US 8th AF |406 |940.3 |140.5 |1080.8
17 April 1945 |Marshalling yards |US 8th AF |572 |1526.4 |164.5 |1690.9
17 April 1945 |Industrial area |US 8th AF |8 |28.0 |— |28.0

See? 2659.3 total tonnage on CITY AREA by RAF alone, on Feb 14 1945. RAF is Britain.

NOTE USA never targeted civilians in any of those months. Nor did Russia. It was 90 to 95% British murderers.
BBC documentary by British government loves to keep repeating "Allied bombers" "Allied bombers" "Allied bombers", it should say "RAF Bombers" "RAF Bombers" "RAF Bombers".


Though Paper Archives in 2020 concur, the above was also in famous 1953 study :

Angell, Joseph W. (1953). Historical Analysis of the 14–15 February 1945 Bombings of Dresden (1962 ed.).
USAF Historical Division Research Studies Institute, Air University, hq.af.mil. OCLC 878696404 :

Bombs were meticulously fastidiously tallied financially for USA side.
Unlike Vietnam, WW2 had zealous USA bean counter accountants, counting and reporting on all ordinance spent. Specific per-unit bomb measurements.

TL/DR: Many now are starting to realize that the wrong side might have won WW2, but British killed Dresden Civilians, not USA

[ - ] Anus_Expander 2 points 3 days ago (+2/-0)

You are correct. What's more, the Brits started bombing Germany long before Germany started bombing them.

[ - ] NigNinja 1 point 3 days ago (+1/-0)

Jews are controlling both so why dont you go shag a sheep.

[ - ] allAheadFull [op] 0 points 3 days ago (+0/-0)

True, but at some point White's are also responsible for participating in brother wars. Death to ZOG.

[ - ] NigNinja 0 points 2 days ago (+0/-0)

That's why we get rid of the weak. They keep fucking everything up.

[ - ] allAheadFull [op] 0 points 3 days ago (+0/-0)*

Your hysteria on the post unwarranted. Thank you for pointing out the fact that the Brits supplied most of the bombs for the city center. The USA might be technically less guilty than the Brits but they can all burn in hell for going along with it.

I'm not remotely blind to the Brit's involvement in this and I named them in the original post. I have a book on my shelf titled "How Britain Initiated both World Wars." Good book, the title really should mention jew bankers as well though.

Shoddy post? Make you're own then jewniggerfaggot.

[ - ] oursenilepresident 0 points 1 day ago (+0/-0)

It was 90 to 95% British murderers
Quit smearing the USA, like a kike.

I gave proof.

[ - ] allAheadFull [op] 0 points 1 day ago (+0/-0)

The USA is completely kiked and it's hands are red with the blood of Germans and the other Axis powers. I have no idea why anybody would look at the world wars and act like the USA is above reproach unless they were mentally deficient in some way.

[ - ] goatfugee12 1 point 4 days ago (+2/-1)

yea but it was bolshivic "russians" they were ordered to rape and pillage by their kike overlords. sure they should have not done that. but they were sold the same lie we were, germans are evil.

[ - ] Rob3122 3 points 4 days ago (+3/-0)

They're raping in Ukraine too. It's a part of the Russian culture. They are the niggers of the white race.

[ - ] x0x7 3 points 4 days ago (+3/-0)*

Basically. Ukrainians aren't perfect either but I think they are a little more like us. But they both have that stupid tough guy stubbornness. I know we have some people like that here but at some point you have to navigate reality. They have no interest. That's why slavs will always be at war with other slavs, but only every now and again with Germanics or Scandinavians. Inject just a tiny bit of emotional intelligence and you can defuse stupidity. Get two groups of slavs and absolutely nothing is going to get defused even in the face of predictably stupid results.

[ - ] GloryBeckons 2 points 4 days ago (+2/-0)

I think this is a fair assessment.

Russia was and remains the primary aggressor. The core cause of the conflict is their refusal to accept that the USSR is over; that their neighbors are no longer their colonies, to do with as they please; and that they have no right to dictate foreign policy of sovereign nations which are no longer part of their former union.

However, Ukraine could have been much smarter and tactful in handling this. And, if they had, they might not be in the situation they are in today. Perhaps it was inevitable, but we will never know because no honest effort to deescalate was ever made. Western powers, of course, didn't help the situation and practically egged it on... quite reminiscent of how they did between Poland and Germany on the precipice to WW2.

[ - ] allAheadFull [op] 0 points 3 days ago (+0/-0)

USA and Israel took over Ukraine in a coup in 2014, it's well documented. jewcraine then immediately started shelling and murdering ethnic Russians in Eastern Ukraine with the express purpose of bringing Russia into a physical conflict. Putin kept telling them to stop, they would just kill more.

The jew controlled US MIC was in Russia years before and since 2014 taking samples of Russian DNA for the purpose of developing Russian/Slavic specific genetic bio-weapons. It's somewhat bizarre they were able to gather it with seeming impunity if Putin was really on the level, he probably isn't. The USA admitted to creating at least 38 biolabs in Ukraine, ostensibly for the purpose of developing such bio-weapons or just to give Russia another reason on paper to invade.

USA also promised not to add Ukraine to NATO but the occupation by USA makes it a defacto member.

Honestly the entire Ukraine-Russia is theater by the Rothschilds and Chabad-Lubavitch to kill the White Ukranians and Russians so they can expand Israel there. Ukraine was previously called Khazaria, you've probably heard of that.

[ - ] TheYiddler 0 points 3 days ago (+0/-0)

Rape happens in all wars. The kind of men that leave their home and risk death in war don't think much of forcing themselves on a woman. After risking their life in battle, they may even think it's their right to claim a woman.

[ - ] ModernGuilt 1 point 4 days ago (+1/-0)

You could also ask the left why they dont still support Russia since they were our commie allies that helped defeat muh nazis

I mean, they wont know beyond what (((maddow))) tells them, but the answer is that its not PURE jew like the USSR was

[ - ] boekanier 3 points 4 days ago (+3/-0)

this was cynical mass terror and murder by the allies, the 'good' guys' from britain and america, the champions of 'democracy'

[ - ] foxtrot45 3 points 4 days ago (+3/-0)

I wonder about Russia friend or Foe as well. I'm leaning to Foe. My guess is the Ukraine war is just Jew versus Jew, they are fighting over fertile land and resources and once again whitey dies. Is Putin a half Jew? I dont know for sure. Why did all those Germans in America go to Europe to slaughter thier brothers? If white man would just stop being led around by the nose and use their brains, that would be great. Its unrealistic though as I try and stay in reality as much as possible. Its a very deep hole we need to climb out of, its just not possible even though Uncle said do not despair.

[ - ] x0x7 1 point 4 days ago (+1/-0)

The only real friend is a consistent friend. You can't rely on someone just because they are temporarily aligned in being against globo-homo. Your friends are probably going to be in your same country and have your same race, because those are the people who are going to stay aligned with you as situations change.

Russia is not a friend. They are just not an enemy, right now. Just because I'm suspicious of anyone who tries to sell me on them being an enemy doesn't mean I assume they are a friend.

For all you know they could start attacking here going after our globo-homo cabal, and we could petition them to not bomb civilians, and they could completely ignore us. If Putin is honest then he is Russia first. And if he is Russia first he doesn't give one shit about you. I don't know why people have to imagine that someone cares about them. "If our government doesn't care for us then surely Putin does." lol.

[ - ] beece 2 points 4 days ago (+2/-0)

The allies were bombing many other civilian centers. Big cities were intentionally leveled and thousands and thousands and thousands of civilians killed.


etc etc...

[ - ] TheSimulacra 2 points 4 days ago (+2/-0)

Kurt Vonnegut was POW in Dresden.
His book Armageddon in Retrospect is quite a read.

[ - ] Rob3122 1 point 4 days ago (+1/-0)

Thanks for posting this

[ - ] UncleDoug 0 points 3 days ago (+0/-0)

Massively gay of you throwing around jew holocaust accusations against other White people. This post is peak Anglo hate.

An official German commission concluded that up to 25,000 had perished in the Dresden firebombing.

Meanwhile 43,000 English civilians were killed in the Blitz. This amounted to nearly half of Britain's total civilian deaths for the whole war.

I dont support the Blitz or the Dresden bombing, but it was war.

Do you know what the REAL holocaust was? The Holodomor, where communist jews genocided 3.9 Million White Christian Slavs.

[ - ] KeepPoal4fags 0 points 3 days ago (+0/-0)

Does anyone know what happened to Vertigo Politix? He's maybe my favorite person of all time.