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Nigger Boy!

submitted by shitface9000 to Niggers 4 days ago (+49/-1)     (files.catbox.moe)


15 comments block

[ - ] ToNigIsToNog 12 points 4 days ago (+12/-0)

I guess this product doesn't exist anymore because it didn't work.

[ - ] UncleDoug 1 point 4 days ago (+1/-0)

They still sell them and they still work, it's just called steelo stainless pads now. They are used for BBQ grill plates, cst iron castware before proofing and dirty secateurs.

[ - ] Irelandlost 3 points 3 days ago (+3/-0)

I think you may have missed the joke here.

[ - ] AryanPrime 1 point 3 days ago (+2/-1)

no he's being serious, kikes like him demand to be taken seriously all the time...he can tells jokes about you, but if you or anyone else tries to joke then the statement is taken as "an attempt to speak truth" but will be challenged as a lie

because the kike can not let any other entity dictate "truthful statements" and how they are defined

it's why they take themselves so seriously constantly, but then will try and laugh and joke with themselves...they are evil inferior inbred cave dwellers

kikes are the literal blood descendents of the nephalim

[ - ] Inward 0 points 1 day ago (+0/-0)

Actually, they did work but you had to beat the shit out of them constantly and it just wasn't worth it.

[ - ] BoozyB 4 points 4 days ago (+4/-0)*

I don't usually respond to an ad by running out to buy the product, but I would surely make an exception for these.
Apparently they were sold in Australia in the 1950's.

[ - ] observation1 3 points 4 days ago (+3/-0)

That's catchy

[ - ] fnbs 2 points 4 days ago (+2/-0)

How come we cant have cool products like this anymore?

[ - ] TheYiddler 1 point 3 days ago (+1/-0)


[ - ] AryanPrime 1 point 3 days ago (+1/-0)


jews are the chosen of God...calling kike filth "jews" constantly is simply incorrect...call kike filth what it is...kikes/ashkenazi/khazarians/caananites/edomites/hitites/amorites.

These are their names

[ - ] TheYiddler 1 point 2 days ago (+1/-0)

Their origin doesn't matter. They are enemies. Also calling a kike a jew is enough. They recoil from the word because they know they are disgusting.

[ - ] Inward 0 points 1 day ago (+0/-0)

Where does the Bible even call jews, "God's chosen"?

[ - ] TheBigGuyFromQueens 2 points 4 days ago (+2/-0)

I wonder if this was the original name of Brillo. The soap is also in the pads with them, too.

[ - ] Clubberlang 1 point 4 days ago (+1/-0)

Yo! Frfr 💯 imma maykuh trap beat uppoutah dis gnome seyin?!

[ - ] KyleIsThisTall 0 points 3 days ago (+0/-0)

So they don't work?

[ - ] deleted 0 points 4 days ago (+0/-0)