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Jews and anti-Whites control 100% of the mainstream media content consumed by White people

submitted by oppressed to WhiteNationalism 4 days ago (+28/-1)     (WhiteNationalism)

The entire mainstream has been dominated and controlled by jews and anti-racists for the past 60 years or longer.

I don't advocate this, but imagine if someone tied down Seth Mcfarlane and forced him to listen to White Nationalist content for three hours. Such a person would likely receive a ten or twenty year prison sentence for wasting Mr. Mcfarlane's precious valued time.

Yet jews and anti-Whites control 100% of the mainstream media content the White race consumes. How much worse of a thing is that? All the information Whites get has long been filtered by jewish opinions.

The battle in White Nationalism has to be to get WN ideas consistently in mainstream media. We need White Nationalist tv channels and a youtube bill of rights.

White Nationalism is our right.

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[ - ] SecretHitler 2 points 4 days ago (+2/-0)

You can name the jew (at least fairly openly) on a lot of mainstream internet places now.

I think a bigger problem than control of existing media is that we don't have any pro-Whites making mainstream content that is meant not for activism, but for mass consumption. That's how the kikes took over these areas, they made the masses happy and then started slipping their ideas in once they had an audience.

[ - ] Doglegwarrior -2 points 4 days ago (+1/-3)

Gab is more based more redpilled then this glownigger infested place.

Fucking idiots like @honkymcniggerspic would be laughed off gab but here his group of glownigger Jewish faggots brigade upvote anything that stupid nigger says.

[ - ] SecretHitler 0 points 4 days ago (+0/-0)

Voat is mid now but I like it. Gab has it's issues too.

[ - ] HonkyMcNiggerSpic 0 points 4 days ago (+0/-0)

boo hoo hoo quit exposing my jewish cult daddy and his shit-stained fingers oy vey

[ - ] rabidR04CH 1 point 4 days ago (+1/-0)*

Every single sports league is associated with these demons now. If you like a sport, you're better off watching amateurs play in your neighbourhood because every team and every league will bombard you with alphabet garbage. I renewed my interest in baseball just recently, only to decide to cancel all of my sports channel because the Blue Jays were way too happy to announce that they have a Pride Weekend... every five minutes of their programming. Come to the match and get the ugliest fag flag jersey you can imagine, something you'd be embarrassed to be seen in public wearing!

[ - ] oppressed [op] 0 points 3 days ago (+0/-0)


[ - ] boekanier 0 points 4 days ago (+0/-0)

we are all jews, mentally speaking. Well, most of us.

[ - ] PhantomXLII 0 points 4 days ago (+0/-0)

Title is correct, everything after is really irrelevant and probably just more yelling into the void.

All that matters is that title. It tells you why it's all over.

[ - ] zr855 -2 points 4 days ago (+0/-2)

What's worse is their control of money creation. Jew banks create us dollars. The literal only way out is bitcoin and crypto. That's why the jew Gary Gensler is fighting it tooth and nail.

A juden bot named Clubberlang will likely respond to this. This truth pains him terribly.

Once they can no longer create kike dollars out of thin air to prop up CNN even though it hasn't been profitable in 20 years, all of this ends.