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This Exchange Lorne Malvo Has With a Jew Is Pretty Cool. Billy Bob Was The Best Fargo Villain     (youtube.com)
submitted by TheBigGuyFromQueens to tv 1 month ago (+0/-2)

…but Bokeem Woodbine was a close second as Mike Mulligan.

If there is a Jew bus outside, you can statistically surmise that the children will be more at risk from their own neighbors than outsiders. Jewish child sex crimes in the Orthodox/Hasidic community are grossly underreported as they’re an insular group that prefers to operate outside of the laws of the Goyim they live near. Any allegations of pedophilia amongst them are usually handled quietly with Rabbinical mediation and settled monetarily. Everything with Jews is money.
Outlaw Chronicles: Hell's Angels     (tv)
submitted by GrayDragon to tv 1 month ago (+1/-1)
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George Christie is the President of the Ventura chapter. He left. He is giving his story. This is badass even though it is (H)istory channel.

It is only six episodes. Every one of them is worth it.
Totally my favorite The Simpsons episode. At least this one part of it.      (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by lord_nougat to tv 2 months ago (+21/-0)
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Why method acting is so controversial.     (www.bbc.com)
submitted by paul_neri to tv 2 months ago (+1/-3)
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Crime Story TV Show - Speech is violence     (tv)
submitted by Sheitstrom to tv 3 months ago (+1/-0)
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Watched an old TV show on streaming. I grew up watching Dennis Farina on Law and Order (yes I know it is shit) so I decided to watch Crime Story.

Crime Story from 1986 (87?) season 1 episode 6.

A court-appointed defense attorney represents a black man who lives in a cheap apartment. The defendant hit a landlord for being mean and the lawyer uses deception and trickery to get his client off using literally word-for-word modern Antifa arguments and circuitous logic.

It literally felt like it was written in 2023, complete with contradictions (the law applies equally but it's okay to beat a landlord for saying mean things), basic misunderstanding of the law and justice, and preaching to essentially disregard law instead of changing it. It was terrifying in its tone deaf nature, and it even proved, at the end, why the man should have gone to jail for assault.

The culture of writers is that of insular stupidity, and it appears to have been that way for a long time.
King of the hill coming back on hulu.      (tv)
submitted by Gowithit to tv 3 months ago (+8/-4)
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I was just saying about a week ago that they should have brought this show back last year because covid and Dale. Do you think we will get the koth we deserve? I hope so.

What is the best option for a TV box now?     (tv)
submitted by GeneralDisarray to tv 4 months ago (+4/-0)
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I need a new tv box.

I was looking at what is out their but I want something that will be subscription and ad free that I can just plug in.

I also don't want voice control or anything that spies on me.

I honestly don't know where to start and would appreciate some advice from people that are more savvy than me.
King me     (u.smutty.horse)
submitted by UncleDoug to tv 5 months ago (+42/-0)
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The Rings of power is cringe, Théoden King of Rohan has spoken.
Move over That 70's Show. Its time for That 90's Show and they kept Red and Kitty and added a bunch of woke diversity. all jews are foreign enemy combatants     (www.youtube.com)
submitted by HonkyMcNiggerSpic to tv 6 months ago (+4/-0)
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Lets get on with it     (u.smutty.horse)
submitted by UncleDoug to tv 6 months ago (+5/-0)
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Mary Sue of Tolkien     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by UncleDoug to tv 7 months ago (+6/-0)
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Single Female Lawyer 2.0 on Netflix     (i.ytimg.com)
submitted by Cunt to tv 8 months ago (+12/-2)
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I like a bit of trash TV on occasion. I have a log in to a Netflix account.

Let me introduce to you: Partner Track.

Jews were like "Alley McBeal was popular and pushed our agenda, let's do a modern version!"

Alley McBeal is Korean, Alley McBeal's Asain Best friend is a jewess, I don't know much about the original Alley McBeal, but the Korean McBeal also has a very gay nigger faggot other best friend.

The season starts explaining at some point Kimchee McBeal was in London and fucked an Aryan looking dude with hetrochromia who is like a more posh Mary Darcy from Bridget Jones.

Everybody at generic Acquisition & Mergers Lawfirm wants to make partner, but only 2 (or maybe 3) will get it ans Kimchee McBeal wants it more than anyone, and deserves it too, unlike that white spits jock Dan Fallon, who is likey to get partner because of his white privilege. But Kimchee McBeal will abandon any and all morals to get Partner.

Blah blah blah. I could into much more detail.

Anyhow, Kimchee McBeal must deal with micro aggressions in every episode, and it is always an emotional struggle to act professional and do what the Old White Men with all the power want - luckily she is asain so naturally hides emotion at all times and you can only tell because of the sad or tense music or her ranting to Jewess and Nigger Faggot later.

She meets the handsome billionaire or some shit who is Daniel Cleaver from Bridget Jone's Diary, they have a whirlwind romance before she cheats on him with Mr Darcy, get engaged to Daniel Cleaver, cheats again and dumps him for Darcy.

Stupid Evil White Jock is enlisted by Jewess to do stand up in the A&M firm annual talent show, where he does a "shocking racist routine" (doesn't even say nigger, just comments on woke culture). Kimchee McBeal is pussy bitch and later accepts a diversity award she knew was created just for her in light of Evil Stupid Jock's routine to placate her and make A&M Lawyfirm look good on diversity.

Nigger Faggot gets angry, but faggot angry not nigger angry. He goes on livestream tirade against the Evil Stupid White Jock's and white privilege and racisim. He quits and then gets pissed off nobody will hire him on merit, only because he is a nigger faggot and will help their diversity quotas, but that's racist that they didn't make it look more like the job offers were because of his merit.

The whole thing is hilarious. They are all so retarded but the consequences of their actions is everyone else's fault.

I recommend getting rid of your TV, so your kids don't get brainwashed by gay & tranny propaganda. The (((cultural marxism))) is only going to intensify over time, so it's time to prepare.     (media.patriots.win)
submitted by John_B_14 to tv 8 months ago (+46/-0)
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After canceling their own "Live PD" and falling from grace, A&E attempts to cancel another networks police show     (dailycaller.com)
submitted by nada to tv 9 months ago (+6/-0)
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i watched the new GoT show House of Dragon.. lol.. don't bother     (tv)
submitted by BlueEyedAngloMasterRaceGod to tv 9 months ago (+5/-0)
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it's absolute crap. oozes with leftism and is an ugly modernist no-talent attempt at creating a medieval environment.
Now this is my kind of show!     (m.youtube.com)
submitted by Trumpman1488 to tv 11 months ago (+0/-4)
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Life Imitates Art     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by UncleDoug to tv 1 year ago (+12/-1)
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Presenting the new Doctor Who     (archive.ph)
submitted by dulcima to tv 1 year ago (+13/-1)
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Elizabeth Olsen proclaims the real Batman isn't attracted to sheboons     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by UncleDoug to tv 1 year ago (+8/-1)
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Elizabeth Olsen Accused of Racism
One of, if not THE BEST Sopranos characters: Phil Leotardo. R.I.P. Frank Vincent     (youtu.be)
submitted by TheBigGuyFromQueens to tv 1.1 years ago (+6/-1)
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20 years inside. Not a peep.
Since so many tears were shed on my last Star Trek post, I thought I would take the time to rank the spin-offs in order of preference.     (tv)
submitted by Centaurus to tv 1.2 years ago (+3/-0)
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1. The Next Generation. (10/10)

2. Picard. (9/10)

3. Deep Space Nine. (8.5/10)

4. Voyager (7.5/10)

5. Enterprise (5/10)
Netflix now features black people as Vikings. If you still have a Netflix subscription, now would be a good time to cancel it. Stop funding cultural marxism.     (files.catbox.moe)
submitted by John_B_14 to tv 1.3 years ago (+61/-0)
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Secrets of the Castle - Historian Ruth Goodman and archaeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold turn the clock back to learn the skills of medieval castle builders.     (www.bbc.co.uk)
submitted by SteppingRazor to tv 1.4 years ago (+3/-0)
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Streaming for free on Amazon Prime.
Great show, a testament to white ingenuity during the 13th century.
Pirated Venom... original content     (tv)
submitted by Kozel to tv 1.4 years ago (+12/-0)
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Within the first minute: nigger sheboon and White male are in love

Second minute: accusation of Raycism by White male against other Whites.

Third minute: nigger sheboon attempts to kill White cop

16 minutes in: white man is robbing a nigger
Nate has decided to dance.     (tv)
submitted by ghostofvoatspast to tv 1.4 years ago (+6/-3)
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Jeremy Brown and Nate have come to an agreement. Nate will slow dance with Jeremy for the Tik tok dance challenge. In return the incident report will be removed from Nates record. Could this lead to romance? Stay turned to see what happened next.