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Medical journal publishes study attacking ‘whiteness’ as a ‘malignant, parasitic-like condition’      (

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A prominent medical journal for US psychoanalysts has published a study demonizing “whiteness” as a “malignant, parasitic-like condition to which white people have a particular susceptibility.”

The study, which was given a platform late last month by the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, went on to portray whiteness as a disorder that doesn’t yet have a permanent cure. “Parasitic Whiteness renders its hosts’ appetites voracious, insatiable and perverse,” wrote author Donald Moss, a white New Yorker who has more than four decades of experience in private practice. “These deformed appetites particularly target nonwhite peoples.”

While it's “nearly impossible” to eliminate such appetites, Moss said, they can be effectively treated with a combination of “psychic and social-historical interventions.” But medical professionals can only hope to “reshape” those appetites for the better, such as reducing their intensity, altering their aims and, in some cases, “turn those aims to the work of reparation.”

(((Washington Post))): Birds Are Racist!     (

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"Everything is racist…including birds. I learned that fact by reading an article in the Washington Post titled ‘The racist legacy many birds carry’ by Darryl Fears.

The headline makes it seem as though racism is like avian flu, and is spread either by racist birds or birds carrying the racism bug. As dumb as that sounds, it isn’t nearly as idiotic as what the actual article contains.

The aptly named author Mr. Fears lays an egg in his insidiously insipid investigation into racism in bird watching and how many birds “bear the names of men who fought for the Southern cause, stole skulls from Indian graves for pseudoscientific studies that were later debunked, and bought and sold Black people. Some of these men stoked violence and participated in it without consequence.”

It’s difficult to read that quote without rolling your eyes so hard you give yourself a seizure, and it’s even harder to read the whole article without wanting a murder of crows to peck your eyes out."
[Why women shouldnt be allowed to vote] Monetising white guilt: Virtue-signalling women pay $5,000 for dinner to be shamed for their whiteness     (

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EU has been planning to import "70 million Africans by 2035"     (

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‘More black kids demonstrating their lives don’t matter’: Brits disgusted by gang stabbing in London’s Hyde Park      (

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You can take the nigger out of the jungle, but you can never take the jungle out of the nigger.
Serial nigger caught     (

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Belgian gobohomo politicians panicking after heavily armed soldier threatens them before disappearing with guns and RPG launchers     (

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So this is the politician they recruited to get Cheney out of office ?     (

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Putin calls out Illuminati Kikes "If you try to bite Russia, we’ll knock out your teeth,’ Putin says, warning whole world is afraid of size & resources of country     (

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More than 6 000 African rape apes abandon their women and children to invade the shores of Spain and live of welfare in Europe     (

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Cutting-edge ‘Trojan horse’ tech that makes cancer tumors destroy themselves may work to treat Covid-19 too     (

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Researchers at the University of Zurich have developed a technology with modified adenovirus, that could not only cause cancer tumors to kill themselves, but could also potentially eradicate Covid-19 in people’s lungs.
The technology is known as SHielded, REtargeted ADenovirus (SHREAD).
“We trick the tumor into eliminating itself through the production of anti-cancer agents by its own cells,” says postdoctoral fellow Sheena Smith, who led the development of the technology at Zurich University.
The cutting-edge technology could mark the arrival of a highly effective delivery system for powerful drugs that would otherwise inflict too much damage.

URGENT MESSAGE TO 3 RETARDS: mRNA tech for covid jabs is from 2010, what you think they were doing those long ten years with that tech, fucking sleeping on that? Point of those articles is that you know what is already out there.
Pentagon uses world’s largest ‘secret army’ of 60,000 undercover operatives to carry out ‘domestic & foreign’ operations – media      (

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"However, the fastest-growing group within the Pentagon’s clandestine force operates exclusively online. These “cyber fighters” assume fake identities to gather intelligence and search for “publicly accessible information” on the internet. They even reportedly take part in “campaigns to influence and manipulate social media.” Hundreds of these shadowy keyboard warriors are employees of the National Security Agency, Newsweek reported."
ANOTHER hazmat train crashes & catches fire in Iowa, just 24 hours after Minnesota derailment (VIDEOS)     (

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Synagogue bleachers COLLAPSE in Israeli settlement, resulting in deaths and injuries (VIDEO) !!     (

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‘A glorified drug cartel whose dealers wore lab coats, suits and ties’: how Big Pharma made Americans addicted to opioids     (

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Israel DENIES sending ground troops to Gaza as cross-border attacks intensify     (

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Cancel culture debate rages as ‘American Idol’ singer nixed over KKK-themed video… from when he was 12     (

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Israeli media in hot water after state TV broadcasts ‘lynching’ of ‘Arab’ by Jewish mob     (

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Bitcoin sell-off wipes $365 BILLION from crypto market     (

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Operation Anime: Uncle Sam works to enlist Gen Z-ers, while snubbing white soldiers and whitewashing war crimes     (

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Musk says Tesla SUSPENDING Bitcoin use, citing environmental impact     (

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Sweden records 30,000 suspected side effects from Covid vaccines, with AstraZeneca’s jab linked to more than half of all reports      (

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An official tally of suspected side effects resulting from Covid vaccination in Sweden has surpassed 30,000, with the majority of cases occurring in people inoculated with AstraZeneca’s shot.

According to the Swedish Medical Products Agency, as of last week, the Scandinavian nation had received 31,844 reports of adverse reactions linked to the rollout of Covid-19 vaccines. Sweden is currently offering three variants of the drug. There are currently 2,103 reports of side effects from the Moderna shot, while the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine has been associated with 9,117 health issues. But the number of suspected adverse reactions from the two shots seems relatively small when compared to the 19,961 reports linked to AstraZeneca’s Vaxzevria.
It turns out those spoiled little rich Leftist brats are paying to get their college work done for them.     (

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Multiple states declare emergency, 1,000+ pumps run out of gas, as White House insists there’s NO ‘shortage’ & blames ‘hoarders’     (

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As it happened: Russia mourns deaths of seven children & two staff slain in bloody Kazan school shooting by teen gunman (PHOTOS)     (

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