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I read this miserable article to find out they are planing to release mosquitos in Southern California too...and I haven't even seen a squeeter this year...     (

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Los angeles 'mask mandate' nonsense     (

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Funny, I was just out shopping yesterday and was noticing how few people still wear their cuckmasks. Still retards driving around alone in their cars with masks all over their stupid heads, but at the store, maybe one in 10 people were, and outside at the marina I counted ZERO people still wearing stupid masks. I guess it's almost like an anthropological study now...

but then the city thinks it's the boss of us and can make us wear the dumbassed things... Los Angeles is such dum.
So it begins. Rights what rights?     (

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Fuck your vax     (

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Split emerging among California Democrats over most effective argument against Newsom recall     (

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Capital Riot Shitshow: Judges are banning some Capitol riot suspects (aka crisis actors) from the internet! AGENDA: Only politically correct goys will be allowed to use the internet from now on.     (

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"Beverly Hills esthetician and eyelash stylist Gina Bisignano was so present on social media that the federal criminal complaint against her practically wrote itself....

Now, Bisignano has gone silent online. She is not allowed on the internet. Not because social media platforms banned her, but because a federal judge did. If Bisignano goes online while awaiting trial, she risks being jailed.

Judges have long been reluctant to ban anyone from the internet, a restriction that essentially cuts a person off from much of modern society and has been reserved mostly for accused and convicted pedophiles. But as toxic disinformation becomes an increasingly dangerous threat, driving domestic terrorism and violence, the courts are facing vexing new questions around how often and under what circumstances those accused of taking part should be taken offline altogether."
Hollywood (((actor))) arrested in alleged $227-million Ponzi scheme     (

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Deep-sea ‘Roombas’ will comb ocean floor for DDT waste barrels near Catalina     (

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