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Tlolocaust Going Live Saturday 9:00 PM EST!

submitted by v0atmage to tlolocaust 4 days ago (+10/-0)     (rumble.com)


CORRECTION: We are going live FRIDAY, not Saturday. Still 9:00 PM EST.

Lots of weird shit to discuss this week, including

- 30 tons of ammonium nitrate found in @NukeAmerica's basement
- @Conspirologist rents a U-haul truck of peace and visits the white house
- @TheBigGuysFromQueens gets caught practicing his chimp speak on a zoom call
- @drstangegub revels over finding a missing receipt of old

And of course, we have to discuss the incredibly bungled announcement by Dumbo Ear Ron Desantis on twatter.

Join us at https://meet.jit.si/moderated/5e9c7455529d9ea6cb058ab6f8397df2fdd07a888fb922ab45e99d716a8e3f71 or lurk using the live rumble link!

We are limiting the guest count to 6 niggerfaggots this time so show up early if you want a seat at the big table.

@rhy @facelessone @lepersbell @nukeamerica @dingbat @graydragon

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