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[ - ] deleted 4 points 1.9 years ago (+4/-0)


[ - ] Doglegwarrior 1 point 1.9 years ago (+1/-0)

She will go to jail? Probably not 750 to 2000 cops were injured some bad by blm rioters how many went to jail? The cops don't protect their own? The courts specifically the DA were bought and paid for by sorrow and other communist. This bitch might walk especially with courts being back up because of covid1984 the communist plandemic

[ - ] MadJack 3 points 1.9 years ago (+3/-0)

What the fuck is wrong with these animals?

[ - ] Nosferatjew 2 points 1.9 years ago (+2/-0)*


The answer to your question lies within your question.

[ - ] Nosferatjew 2 points 1.9 years ago (+2/-0)

I hope all those unnecessarily patient white ladies learned a valuable lesson that day. I was cheering when that dykish looking broad pinned the ape down and started wailing on her. Nigger fatigue is real.

[ - ] mattsixteen24 2 points 1.9 years ago (+2/-0)

I'm sure mcdonalds will fire those white women in a couple days.

[ - ] Doglegwarrior 0 points 1.9 years ago (+0/-0)

Why not mix the slushy flavors?

Why act like an insane psycho when thry won't mix them?

My solution buy one of each and mix right in front of their faces!

She poor not an option I get it