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Harmless Joggers Borrow a Gold Chain

submitted by Black Crimes Matter to Niggers 1 week ago (+63/-0)     (

A colored fellow was attacked when thieves targeted him for his gold chain on Detroit’s west side.


[ - ] SteppingRazor 21 points 1 week ago (+21/-0)

The dude wins 30k, blows 20k on a gold chain. This is why blacks will never rise above living in huts of it wasn’t for white man society.

[ - ] grogoo 11 points 1 week ago (+11/-0)

Serves him right, who blows 20k on a fucking chain to wear in the hood...

[ - ] lord_nougat 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

I did not stay at a holiday inn last night, but I bet something named after this sub might be a candidate...

[ - ] PotatoWhisperer 2 points 1 week ago (+2/-0)

Seriously, if you *have* to wear your bling, spend $200 on a good fake and put that money towards something useful. Like getting out of the hood.

[ - ] Flabbygasted 2 points 1 week ago (+2/-0)

If they get outta da hood...that means they're coming to a neighborhood near you and me. I'm perfectly fine with them keeping themselves in impoverished hellholes.

[ - ] fightknightHERO 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

A nigger, obviously.

[ - ] SparklingWiggle 10 points 1 week ago (+10/-0)*

Niggers ruin society.

And remember, jews created this problem.

[ - ] Splooge 7 points 1 week ago (+7/-0)

Oh shit! It's you!! You're here!!

Your stuff has gotten infinitely better. Lost it at the end when "inventory" coincided with... well, you know.

Great job with the negroid jerky shop, your skills are increasing!!

[ - ] Black Crimes Matter [op] 4 points 1 week ago (+4/-0)

Thanks, I started using Adobe Premiere Pro around six months ago and it has given me much more creative freedom.

[ - ] Splooge 2 points 1 week ago (+2/-0)

You mean up to this point you WEREN'T using Premiere? Holy crap, no wonder your tracking was shaky. Must've been a pain to do.

Get on After Effects and join the big boys. :)

[ - ] Black Crimes Matter [op] 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

Most of the motion tracking was manually with Premiere Pro which can be buggy sometimes. I've learned how to use motion tracking with After Effects but I occasionally have problems with it when the groids turn their heads or the footage is blurry.

[ - ] Splooge 2 points 1 week ago (+2/-0)

Yeah shit footage can be a pain to work with, but messing with keyframes and paths are infinitely better in Ae than Pr.

Keep up the good work, and keep improving! Your efforts do not go unnoticed!

[ - ] Black Crimes Matter [op] 2 points 1 week ago (+2/-0)

Thanks, I'll keep it up as long as I can.

[ - ] account deleted by user 4 points 1 week ago (+4/-0)

account deleted by user

[ - ] Black Crimes Matter [op] 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

Thank you. I hope that my work can help to turn the tide against cultural Marxism.

[ - ] Antiliberalsociety 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

Picasso? That nut was a jew.

[ - ] fightknightHERO 3 points 1 week ago (+3/-0)

are these actually sponsered by beefoutlet? it's grade A commercial material

[ - ] try 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

The "Negroid" jerky from that store is indeed tasty.

[ - ] Hobama 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

They needed it to buy books for school and sheeit.

[ - ] Nein 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

Ever really wonder how life as a loq-IQ individual is? It's driving up to a gas station that is full with cameras and is there to record licence plates and robbing somebody without a mask and getting back in your car to drive off. How can niggers be actually that dumb?

[ - ] BaBs88 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)*

Dumb nigger buys a nigger chain to gain nigger points in the nigger naeborhood. Nigger is surprised when other niggers get jealous of said nigger and do what they do best and crab in a bucket. Fu k all niggers

[ - ] Xigbar68 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

>that archive link

[ - ] con77 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)


[ - ] removed 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

post deleted by user