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How dare you insulate coalburners!

submitted by Splooge to whatever 1 week ago (+61/-0)     (


Rope them all.


try -1 points 1 week ago

Do your own study trying to show that 92% of Black men DO NOT eventually flee from their own biracial kids, and become a famous sociologist. No doubt countless sociologists tried and failed to find fault. In fact MILLIONS of data points from CDC that I mentioned show that pure black kids also have their black dads flee 72% of the time for 20 years of statistics. Is it so hard for you to accept the fact that black men flee biracial offspring a little more than their own all-black kids? I provided plenty of facts. I only provided actual facts. Mixed race baby daddy abandonment of coal burners is such a stigma to nigger culture, that its a hot potato. But my numbers and facts are all correct.

[ - ] SparklingWiggle 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

You should re-read my reply. I'm not arguing or disagreeing. I would like more knowledge of the study itself.