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Vitamin list I grabbed from a chan

submitted by poopdawg15 to all 2 months ago (+1/-1)     (


[ - ] whostolemyusername 3 points 2 months ago (+3/-0)*

Its bullshit and something only people who have a shitty diet need to do, For fuck sake half of that shit is not even vitamins and caffeine? really? who the fuck takes caffeine as a supplement, It does not perk you up, It brings you back to normal after experiencing caffeine withdrawals.

Eat your fucking vegetables and learn to cook, learn to make a salad that tastes good too, Its the easiest way to get enough of some of the important micronutrients.

[ - ] VitaminSieg 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

Yes and upvoted, but the problem is that the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables now pale in comparison to what our food contained even a hundred years ago. Unfortunately the body doesn't get enough of what it needs from a healthy diet alone. Vitamins and supplements are still needed. But this list is retarded and just means anon won't get to sleep.

[ - ] whostolemyusername 0 points 2 months ago (+0/-0)

Is a problem not not a major one, Fruits are screwed up but veg is still full of nutrients and low on calories, Check the vitamin c in cabbage vs an orange to see what I mean.

Farmed mushrooms tend to be shit though as is stuff thats grown hydroponically but if its grown in soil it should be alright, While we have done a good job of fucking with the natural nutrient cycle its still ongoing and some farmers are even starting to take note now.

[ - ] poopdawg15 [op] 0 points 2 months ago (+0/-0)

I'm glad to run it past voat for this reason

[ - ] sometimesineedhelp 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

The only thing on that list that isn't bullshit is the lion's mane mushroom, but instead of supplements, learn to cook it and eat it twice a week.

[ - ] Weredawg 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

Good for you and it's fucking delicious sliced and cooked with a little butter.

[ - ] Tallest_Skil 0 points 2 months ago (+0/-0)

Note that there are no legitimate nootropic drugs in existence. None. They don’t exist. Not can’t, just don’t. I’ve spent ten fucking years trying to fix my memory. If even one worked–“holistic” or otherwise–I’d know. So would literally everyone else. Nootropics and aphrodisiacs are the most overstated lies surrounding injestibles out there.