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Anyone still read the Daily Stormer?

submitted by VitaminSieg to AskVoat 5 months ago (+2/-0)     (AskVoat)

Back when Anglin had a staff, didn't pretend to be Christian, and said 'nigger' a lot, I used to go to the DS almost every day, like reading the newspaper. Not because the news was new, (I saw it on voat usually a couple days to a week before it showed up there), but because of the commentary and humour. But now I visit probably once a week, read two 'articles', which are really just quotations from other news sources, and then leave the site, shivering from the very cold takes. Anybody else do the same?


[ - ] bonghits4jeebus 0 points 4 months ago (+0/-0)

It's just Andrew's blog. It's ok for a laugh sometimes.

[ - ] account deleted by user 1 point 5 months ago (+1/-0)*

account deleted by user

[ - ] VitaminSieg [op] 1 point 5 months ago (+1/-0)

He was trying to have a broader appeal and be normie friendly, which is super gay, yes.

[ - ] fightknightHERO 1 point 5 months ago (+1/-0)

Dailysubversion was crap from day-1
and we all know Angelin was a front for Zionism, remember went he put Yair Netanyahu image on the frontpage?

[ - ] VitaminSieg [op] 1 point 5 months ago (+1/-0)

He puts all kinds of weird shit on the front page. I don't think he's a front or a shill or controlled opposition, because of all the people saying the same stuff he says, he's the only one banned. I think he's right about TDS. But all that is beside the point. Even if he were literally the head of the NSA or something, I still would've read his site back when, but now it's just awful. It's like anti-humour.

[ - ] WhiteCollarCriminal 0 points 5 months ago (+0/-0)

What happened to the site?

[ - ] YamaMaya 0 points 5 months ago (+0/-0)

DS glows in the dark