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Introducing my site - A new voat clone

submitted by system to announcements 5 months ago (+69/-0)     (announcements)

Hey guys. I think it's time to show you what I've been working on. When I heard the news that voat was going down I was kind of indifferent. Yeah it sucked, but I'll move on I thought. I guess we all kind of expected it... I assumed poal would become our new home and we all would go on our merry way continuing our fierce momentum. Unfortunately (at the time) that was not the case. Fortunately (now) that was not the case... because I built us a new voat! It's not perfect but I tried to imitate the look and feel we all know and love (dark mode only atm).

The name of the site actually isn't voat. The name is... Talk.Lol, because that's the domain. I discovered the domain about a year ago. Back then I was going to use it to create a dissenter-like web site where you could comment on other websites. I never launced it but ever since then I wanted to buy it. This was the perfect excuse to. So that will be the site's name., I like it. But here's the catch. I also registered Both domains will point to the same site, but each one will use their own logo, and might look a bit different. will not display content from subs marked NSFW. does not filter nsfw content. Other differences might come in the future. But other than that they are identical and you can register on either one and it will work on both. The reason for setting things up this way is to make a clear distinction that this is a new site, under a new admin. Plus it takes the heat off in a way. So is the site's main domain and is the name of the site in general, and is a portal to access which displays content from subs marked nsfw and uses a 'voat skin'.

Some features are missing, like collapsing comments block features, and text format options and some others. These will come in time. I might not be aware of a certain feature missing, so feel free to let me know. You might also run into bugs, please report and I'll get it fixed. You can use /v/talkloldev or /v/voatdev. I will be going by a different username on my posting account, but haven't figured what that will be though. In the mean time I will use username admin or system.

I opted for a modest host. I have no idea how it will handle the load of traffic or our freespeech policy. This is an alpha launch so expect problems.

The rules are simple

1. No posting of illegal content.
2. No doxing members of the site
3. No spamming
4. No stealing people's old voat usernames.
5. Previous sub owners have the rights to sub ownership if they can prove they owned it on old voat.

I plan to wipe all unbanned ips from the database every week or 2 as a security precaution.

Old voat is dead and gone but I hope we can rebuild some of what it was.

Welcome ! Lets talk! lol!! ;)


in some sense if it's not a honeypot, it's a honeypot.