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Jews and anti-Whites control 100% of the mainstream media content consumed by White people

submitted by oppressed to WhiteNationalism 4 days ago (+28/-1)     (WhiteNationalism)

The entire mainstream has been dominated and controlled by jews and anti-racists for the past 60 years or longer.

I don't advocate this, but imagine if someone tied down Seth Mcfarlane and forced him to listen to White Nationalist content for three hours. Such a person would likely receive a ten or twenty year prison sentence for wasting Mr. Mcfarlane's precious valued time.

Yet jews and anti-Whites control 100% of the mainstream media content the White race consumes. How much worse of a thing is that? All the information Whites get has long been filtered by jewish opinions.

The battle in White Nationalism has to be to get WN ideas consistently in mainstream media. We need White Nationalist tv channels and a youtube bill of rights.

White Nationalism is our right.

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we are all jews, mentally speaking. Well, most of us.