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Neighbor came home with a real pig last night.

submitted by Sector7 to all 4 days ago (+27/-1)     (files.catbox.moe)



This morning. One of the tenderloins.

Female wild boar, 200+ pounds with guts, taken on BLM land near Pinnacles+National+Park Google maps link. We bagged and hung it last night, then butchered it this morning.

Will give it a couple days in the meat drawer, then compare to a Beeler tenderloin.

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[ - ] Ozark 6 points 4 days ago (+6/-0)

Thats not a wild boar, it's a ferral pig. The difference is huge.

[ - ] Spaceman84 3 points 4 days ago (+3/-0)

Boars are meaner but the pigs get bigger. And then they mix with each other. Total clusterfuck.

[ - ] Sector7 [op] 2 points 4 days ago (+2/-0)

Last boar he shot was over 400 pounds. And yeah, I'm seeing California pig-boars described as some combo of feral hogs (wild pigs of domestic origin), Eurasian/domestic hybrids, Eurasian boar, and Russian wild boar.


[ - ] Sector7 [op] 1 point 4 days ago (+1/-0)

Possibly better eating? In the results for "feral pig vs wild boar", there's a fair amount of contention over that claim.

Feral swine are the same species

The two are not the same animals.

“What is the difference between a wild boar and a feral hog?” The right answer is, “Very little.”

The truth is, wild boars are just two generations away from any domesticated pig.

wild pigs can occur in three varieties: feral hogs (wild pigs of domestic origin), Eurasian/domestic hybrids, and Eurasian boar.

Since wild pigs in California today are descendants of both domestic swine and the Russian wild boar, their appearance can vary based on their heritage.

These last two seem most credible.

[ - ] HonkyMcNiggerSpic 5 points 4 days ago (+5/-0)

I have a bigass black bear that's getting ready to get his ass whipped if he gets in my garbage bin again. 2nd time this morning fucking garbage everywhere.

[ - ] Peleg 3 points 4 days ago (+3/-0)

The old timers around here used to say that deer and other animals were for hides and tools and such, but Bear was for Eating!
I love the taste of bear.

[ - ] Fascinus 4 points 4 days ago (+4/-0)

Haven't had the experience first hand and I'm told that bear can be either some of the most delicious or worst tasting meat you'll ever try, depending upon what they've eaten.

Purportedly, black bears that have fed on berries are supposed to be incredibly good, while bears that have fed upon fish or garbage are said to be foul.

Got a good lead on a spot and may have access to some private land nearby in time for bear season next year.

I'll post results if I end up bagging one.

[ - ] lord_nougat 4 points 4 days ago (+4/-0)

So did goldilocks!

[ - ] HonkyMcNiggerSpic 0 points 4 days ago (+0/-0)

I don't like bear meat at all but more power to those who do.

[ - ] Sector7 [op] 2 points 4 days ago (+2/-0)

Sounds like a bear who wants to become a rug. Can you run a power line out there to give it a shocking experience?

[ - ] HonkyMcNiggerSpic 0 points 4 days ago (+0/-0)

I'll just gut shoot his ass.

[ - ] drstrangegub 4 points 4 days ago (+4/-0)

what'd he gut it with? a buick?

[ - ] Sector7 [op] 1 point 4 days ago (+1/-0)

An Italian buick. A knife from his collection of old and new Italian knives, as he's from Italy. Different shapes and styles for skinning, butchering and such. Also Italian chef, so a few choice cuts are going to the restaurant. The rest for prosciutto, steaks, and sausage.

[ - ] drstrangegub 3 points 4 days ago (+3/-0)

i heard those things are incredibly gamey but i'm interested in how it turns out!

[ - ] Sector7 [op] 1 point 4 days ago (+1/-0)

Letting it hang out kinda mostly frozen in the meat drawer for a few days. I'm going to cook up some Beeler tenderloin at the same to to compare the flavor. I've heard that too, so am curious to see.

[ - ] texasblood 2 points 4 days ago (+3/-1)

Wild or otherwise.
Pigs don't trans faggotts.
OP pig is a Sow or Gilt

[ - ] Sector7 [op] 0 points 4 days ago (+0/-0)

Ah, yeah. That's what I really meant. Turns out the pigs in those hills have a lot of the Russian/Eurasian in them, due to being imported by the Spanish.