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Saw this huge beaver lodge on the snake river the other day.

submitted by TetonJack to Nature 1 month ago (+21/-0)     (


[ - ] lord_nougat 6 points 1 month ago (+6/-0)

That's a big brown beaver!

Wynona has one of those!

[ - ] blumen4alles 3 points 1 month ago (+3/-0)

For some reason that song made me think of this one

[ - ] TOVA 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)

Not by the hair off my chinyy chin chin.--Maynard James Keenan

[ - ] GoysRUs 4 points 1 month ago (+4/-0)*

What a nice life. Eat trees that are literally everywhere in your environment.

Swim around without a care.

Submerge into your self made fortress if threatened.

Beavers rule.

[ - ] account deleted by user 3 points 1 month ago (+3/-0)

account deleted by user

[ - ] TOVA 3 points 1 month ago (+3/-0)

Oh damn.

[ - ] WhiteCollarCriminal 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)

Where's the snake river?

[ - ] TetonJack [op] 1 point 1 month ago (+1/-0)

Northwest Wyoming in the Grand Teton National Park and Targhee National Forest

[ - ] WittyUserName 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)

About a mile south of Snake Mountain.

[ - ] someonewasright 2 points 1 month ago (+2/-0)

i like it when the beavers build it away from shore and make a supervillain lair right in middle of a large pond

so clever, and far less lazy than africans

i think mud and stick shelters are commonly crafted by africans and by beavers , and beavers seem more useful

hurray for beavers

ever walk around a lake and see all the countless trees beavers gave up cutting down half way for no reason a man can figure out? so many half cut trees

[ - ] Steelerfish 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

Even beavers understand architecture better than Africans…

[ - ] KatHarzso 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)*

Man, I want to go visit that Birds of Prey Canyon which I wanna say that river runs thru... also goes into my favorite side of Oregon where thundereggs can be found.

Hope you're having a swell time out there.

Edit - none just saw you're in Wyoming holy crap I should go visit that area too.

[ - ] Rayden 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

It doesn't appear to be blocking the water. Is that a stupid thing to say? The water level is the same on both sides of the dam shouldn't it be different?

[ - ] Systemisgay 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

You live in Alaska?