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I agree. It's perfectly possible to be a functioning stoner. I smoke often, and I still lift weights, run, eat well, read a lot, play instruments, speak multiple languages, cook nice meals, shower often, do my part in redpilling others, not to mention work a lot on top of everything. I know other people who are active with their lives whilst smoking often, too. For me personally, it just "takes the edge" off life a bit. Life is stressful and dark and I do enough with my free time to keep my mind occupied, and seeing as I don't like to get drunk or party and I don't treat myself to crap-but-tasty food often, weed is one of the few little pleasures I have. It's just like getting a small brain massage at the end of a long day of work and life. That said I am not a 100% advocate for weed either. It is a drug at the end of the day, and while the withdrawals aren't fatal or anything, they exist, because people do get addicted. People can and do feel they need it to enjoy simple things in life. I think the problem is as well that it can augment the characteristics of a person, for good or bad. For example one of my close friends, well he is a lazy nihilist depressed useless stoner. Has dropped out of college a million times despite all the help he's gotten, has never had a proper job, just lives off disability welfare (due to depression) and just spends his whole life sitting in a big chair in his room with his PC, watching shit, playing games, drinking and smoking (mostly by himself), eating crap and just waiting to die essentially. I think even without marijuana he would still be a lazy depressed nihilist, but with weed, it just enables him to fester in those mindsets. It's sad actually, because he's a really funny, handsome and intelligent guy - a total lady's man when he bothers to leave the house - but just hopelessly nihilistic and depressed about life in general and has been for the 10+ years I've known him. In a way I can see how weed helps him, but at the same I can see how it holds him back. In essence I would be in favour of legalisation, but heavily regulated by the state. Of course, this is not something I would want to push or fight for anytime in the near future, because there are far far more important issues and even then a lot of the social rot needs to be removed from society first before people re-appreciate the value of cannabis and approach it to somewhat differently to the way we do now. "Stoner culture" is total cancer. But cannabis can be enjoyed as a small, harmless treat to yourself. Ideally through edible forms. Not to mention it's medicinal properties. It's natural after all. But what we need is the removal of a society that enables people to just blaze all day in endless bouts of escapist hedonism. Like anything in life, it would just be better without the Jewish influence of everything, you know?

[ - ] WhiteCollarCriminal 2 points 1 week ago (+2/-0)*

Wow you do get chatty when you're baked!

[ - ] motzfeldt 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

Hahaha, I'm a ridiculously fast typer (100+WPM). So when I get baked and go off on a tangent I can just shit out words like niggers shit out babies.

[ - ] WhiteCollarCriminal 0 points 6 days ago (+0/-0)

That's pretty fast!

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So why legalize it at all? If the point is to get people to demonize fucking with their own heads legalizing brings about the opposite.

They packaged up an easily repeatable bitch fest about the war on drugs being a failure, but nobody fought that war but a few police agencies. That really sucks

The excuse for shoveling central Americans in to the us is because of the violence and poverty created by the Americans buying drugs that ultimately ended up enriching the cartels even though they purchased weed from their friendly neighborhood dealer. The ethical and moral thing would be to not use drugs at all.

They'll legalize every kind of drug under that same excuse that they're keeping drug money out of the hands of the cartel.

Everyone that tries fentanyl and dies could have bought marijuana more easily legal or not, because legal marijuana countries see death by drugs go up.