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What kinda test is this?

submitted by deleted to Hiddenlol 1 week ago (+21/-1)     (



[ - ] zongongo 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

Worked in a crushed stone plant/ granite quarry.
Old Jim Saylor backed his front end loader over the bosses pickup truck. Can't remember his name but he got out just in time. Ed it was.
Front end loader had those 6' tires. Idiot pulled right up behind the loader. Lucky to be alive, old Ed.

[ - ] zongongo 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

Nobody liked that old fuck. We laughed for weeks.

[ - ] account deleted by user [op] 3 points 1 week ago (+4/-1)

account deleted by user

[ - ] ScheduledSuicide 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

That is a potentially expensive test: ~$50,000 per tire (at least according to a search on a Bridgestone VRPS Tire).

[ - ] irl_vegeta 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

That's pretty cool tbh. Both as a kid and 30+ year old adult, I still find hyooge ass trucks neat.

The scale of these industrial things is just retarded. And even as an adult I'm still amazed by it, having more understanding of it almost makes it more crazy realizing what the drive shaft, engine, all those moving parts must be like on such a huge machine.

[ - ] 2Drunk 0 points 1 week ago (+1/-1)

When HR makes you hire a colored or SJW.

[ - ] AloisH -1 points 1 week ago (+0/-1)

My guess is the drive train is in the ground.