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Same trail, next morning

submitted by KatHarzso to Nature 1 week ago (+10/-0)     (

Fucking snowing in June, the fuck man....


[ - ] StealthNinjaTaliban 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

What kind of dog is that? Looks like a small dutch shepherd...

[ - ] KatHarzso [op] 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

My cousin has a mixed Dutch Shepherd that I adore... and my dog is a lot like him in personality, very vocal and aggressive sounding when he is all play. He is a pound dog, definitely has Chihuahua in him and I think he is mixed with a Boston Terrier. Who knows, maybe he has some sort of shepherd or herding dog in him as well - he does like to push me around with his nose...

[ - ] GoysRUs 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

If you consider I'm sitting in a cubicle while you're out experiencing nature, I'd say snowing in June is awesome.

[ - ] KatHarzso [op] 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

I actually loved it. Dog got a bit cold tho..

Bro... cubicle job would drive me more insane than I admit to being now. Hope it is a good fit for you?

[ - ] GoysRUs 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

>Hope it is a good fit for you?

Well, it's a job. I'll be moving on soon so there's that to look forward to.

[ - ] recon_johnny 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

We're going to have 100 degrees next week.

[ - ] KatHarzso [op] 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

We just had hundred degrees...

[ - ] account deleted by user 0 points 1 week ago (+0/-0)

account deleted by user

[ - ] KatHarzso [op] 1 point 1 week ago (+1/-0)

I wanted a dog that's travel size. Plus, didn't want one too big.