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The Real McCoy’s, Black River Falls, Wisconsin, 1950s

submitted by poopdawg15 to TheWayWeWere 2 months ago (+24/-0)     (


[ - ] try 0 points 1 month ago (+0/-0)

Where's the ANTIFA jew rioters?
Where's the feral nigger vandals and rapists?
Where's the illegal alien cash-paid welfare workers?
Where's the BLM sign?
Why are the women not dressed like men?
Why are there actual blonde haired people allowed to have jobs there?

every Reddit group that used to have photos of whites, white families, and just old time nostalgia photos, WERE ALL TAKEN OVER AND BANNED FOR BEING RACIST!

When did just being White be somehow RACIST?!


[ - ] NuckFiggers 2 points 2 months ago (+2/-0)

I'd feel really bad bitching at the waitress if it was a little girl

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[ - ] Broc_Liath 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)

The dad looks like Al from Married With Children. I'd like to think if I went there he'd be making passive-agressive wisecracks about everyone's weight.

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