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Atrocities of Poland

submitted by poopdawg15 to books 2 months ago (+7/-2)     (


[ - ] cyclops1771 3 points 2 months ago (+3/-0)*

Poland knows, then as now, that multiculturalism is a failure.

They removed more jews than Germany did. IN fact, they kicked a huge amount of them INTO germany, and then sealed the borders against them. Lower Silesia, they pushed out Czech minority, and pushed ethnic Ukrainians out of Galicia.

They continued to perform "land reforms" in west Prussia and the corridor to the sea around Danzig. These "reforms" would target large ethnic german farms, and give them to ehtnic Poles in smaller plots - ruin one german, give to 4 poles. It was their land by law, and they wanted Poles to own it, not ethnic germans.

Danzig, as a free city overseen by a League Commissioner, and being majority ethnic German, actually was NASDP before germany proper. Every plebiscite basd solution to the corridor and Danzig was nixed by Poland, because they knew that Danzig wanted to be German, as it always had been. So their solution was to pressure the germans to leave rather than do it by force or by a false plebiscite (election tamepring.)

Overall, the stratgey worked well for Poland, right up until it didn't. They assumed Britain would send BEF. They refused USSR to be an ally with the British vs germany. (their diplomatic strategy was to ruin both USSR AND Germany, and Poland would emerge stronger.) They had no inkling that Britain would bankrupt itself so quickly, France would simply refuse to fight a war they never wanted nor needed, and have to give Poland and Eastern Europe to USSR to continue to fight until the destruction of Germany.

Their war aims were to bunch its armor at the corridor and open a salient there and drive on into Berlin, using the rivers as natural barricades for their non-armored forces to slow the advance (and give british air, naval and land forces time to arrive). Germany, on the other hand, bunched it's non-mechanized forces against the Polish armor, but they held by utilizing air superioirity. And britain never supplied a single plane to Warsaw, as promised. Armor advances tend to stall when being bombed by air, and this is what happened to Poland's offensive capability in the german-Polish war of 1939.

[ - ] beece 1 point 2 months ago (+1/-0)*

Good work. "They" want us to believe that Hitler made all that shit up. I believed "them" for a while until I figured out how (((pozzed))) the US media is. Looking at it rationally now, I see that the German news in 1930s could publish those stories, where as the heavily Jewish dominated Poland could not. Of course, that story is not discussed these days. However, the recent book by turncoat Russian agent Suvorv, (himself a jew but likely was not let in on the lie) notes that the Poles attacked the German radio station that led to the German invasion that kicked off WW2.

The common lie in the US (((media))) is that the Germans dressed up like Poles and attacked their own station as a pretext to invade. Your link clarifys that issue.