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"AntiSemites are out there in force" says filthy kike Dov Hikind, comments are surprisingly pleasing

submitted by CognitiveDissident5 to Jews 2 months ago (+15/-1)     (


[ - ] MartinTimothy 7 points 2 months ago (+7/-0)*

60,000 Jews were absent from the WTC Towers after warnings to be nowhere near Lower Manhattan Tuesday September 11, 2001 were distributed via telephone messages, by the Odigo Hebrew language messaging service, and from the pulpit of New York synagogues the Friday before, who watched the immolation of their co workers on live television .. that is a good enough reason to hate Jews.

Since Jews attacked the US on 911 AntiSemitism is a patriotic duty and a moral responsibility, thus true patriots insist the Jews who perpetrated the attacks with every member of the political, law enforcement, defense and media lobbies that support the deception, be charged and brought to trial under US Law where after conviction they suffer lawful execution.

[ - ] drhitler 0 points 2 months ago (+0/-0)

oh those 60,000 jew will have perished in the worst attack since the holohoax in time, its the holohoax you never knew you had.

[ - ] Mershekel 5 points 2 months ago (+5/-0)*

The comment section is hilarious.

"Expelled from 110 countries 1031 times...for no reason at all"

"People are waking up to you devils!"

"Let's be real no one wants the money lenders. That's why they've been kicked out of every country they've ever scurried their way into."

"Grass the bikes!
Race car now!"

If I had to take a guess, the comments are being brigaded by (several commenters like 'Nasty Ned GTV', 'GoyimTV. tv' and 'Handsome Truth on Goyim TV' are very clearly from there). The latter is the guy speaking in this video:

[ - ] CognitiveDissident5 [op] 2 points 2 months ago (+3/-1)

Yes they are, which doesn't make it less enjoyable.

[ - ] Containingabeaver -1 points 2 months ago (+1/-2)

transportation/escape posts are jews btw.

it's called briar patching.

[ - ] kammmmak 0 points 2 months ago (+0/-0)

Damn.. "shitrael"

[ - ] kammmmak 2 points 2 months ago (+2/-0)

Liberate the jews in ww2 and just look at what they do to thank us. It is the endless story of Whites saving helping supporting building everything and then being persecuted. We must stop now to save ourselves and race.

[ - ] account deleted by user 2 points 2 months ago (+2/-0)

account deleted by user