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I told you there would be problems

submitted by system to announcements 5 months ago (+14/-0)     (announcements)

Hey guys. We're back.

Sorry about the extended downtown, just couldn't deal with all the issues that were going on at the moment. I had some time to sit down and look at everything. Turns out there was a mistake in the code which allowed someone to abuse voting. Should be all good now. I also programmed in some safety measures and things to help prevent abuse from happening again. But this will be an ongoing problem that I will have to get used to dealing with. I hate putting post limits on things, and using captchas. But I might have to. We'll see how things play out.

I restored the database from a backup, so a bunch of posts and user accounts will be gone, sorry! I'm still getting used to all this.


I don't care how clunky this Voat version is outta the gate. You're a fucking hero, Niggerfaggot.