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PSA From the Ministry of Truth re: everything     (

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Ragged Old Flag     (

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Anyone else get a reply for a comment they didnt make?     (AskVoat)

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I got a reply (red envelope) and when I checked it, the original comment was not made by me. it said: Your original reply.... and it was someone else's words. (alarming at best) clicking thru showed someone else had indeed made that comment, and the reply was there too, neither were me and I wasnt above or below them in that slice of the comment hierarchy tree. happened on first login after the 'few more hours' changes that just went on. something I should know?
They dont care what we believe or which narrative will convince us     (ShowerThoughts)

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We are the people who are living NOW. We are of very little relevance, unless our objections are etched into stone, to the beliefs of those who come after us. I postulate that they are not terribly concerned with the "ground zero" population surrounding any event, since they will write the books our children will learn from. Not new, have a distinct memory of realizing this as a child about those before me then.