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but it will take about 2^-33 femptoseconds for other people to start copying you and there wont be anymore pigeons to eat.

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Rayden 1 point 6 days ago*

well, not everyone can do that. so i find your lack of pitty for those that don't have it so easy appalling.

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well, for one thing you ever notice they don't market it that way? gum hasn't had any marketing innovations in years.

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is this because of something i did?

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lucky for you bears can't swim.

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person in the background is wearing a mask. 9/10

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MIT also put out a bunch of studies telling us how effective masks are at stopping the rona so they can suck a bag of dicks.

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you're right. that would be a good joke to pull on someone because they'd say "hey, that's not filled out". and then you'd go "whoops, i keep a blank one on me as a reminder of all the people who wouldn't have died if they had got vaccinated. Fauci be with you".

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1. fuck off. i aint wearing shit for a .01% killer

2. danish mask study found like 1% improvement when masking and social distancing

i find the lack of reason and choice of fantasy over science among these "experts" to be greatly disturbing. if you can smell a fart you can catch a virus. its as simple as that.

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Also why does the vaccine melt through plastic?

/v/Newsofthestupid viewpost.php?postid=60f37de19134e

fact check: experts have shown scientific studies safe and effective.

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yeah they charge like $12 for a microwave Lean cuisine Pizza

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the shake at the end, "god damnit"

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i have 10,000 scp points on my alt but i don't use it.

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how do you get the pop out of your cup at fast food restaurants then? do you pour it onto a bandana and then squeeze the bandana over your head so the water falls into your mouth?

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what's it going to do? play dungeons and dragons in its mom's basement?

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at this point i am positive these people are either complete morons or they are trying to rip the country apart.

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what if a woman gets pregnant and then has a sex change operation but then has another sex change operation to reverse the first sex change operation so that she can give birth. technically it's possible and you're a bigot.

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you can't get mad at them because they're so cute. that's why squirrels have no natural predators.

/v/Gardening viewpost.php?postid=60f1742fc2bae long as you give them thousands of dollars. otherwise justice not in your price range.

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do you understand the point um making?

also we don't live in a world with platos perfect form of economics. it will always be imperfect for one reason or another. my suggestion is right now it is imperfect because of the mind exploding stupidity of the just a about everyone.

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