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The Best Soundtrack You Didn't Hear About     (

submitted by AlexanderMorose13 to synthwave 1 week ago


A lot of video games have GREAT fucking soundtracks; most get completely passed over when the game flops. That doesn't mean the music or the emotion of the soundtrack is lost, if it's appreciated by someone else. The Textorcist was a game that was offered for free on the Epic Games store a while back, but while the gameplay is frustrating and terrible in some parts, the fucking soundtrack is kickass. What makes this soundtrack so awesome is that it was composed by none other than GoST, and some of the fights in the game are tied to the soundtrack. My favorites are Magdalene, Enoch Varg, and a couple of others. I sent the soundtrack to a friend of mine and he listened to the whole thing in one go while playing Warzone. Told me to keep them coming.
Fuck Q Believers.     (whatever)

submitted by AlexanderMorose13 to whatever 1 week ago


Lately, the jokes at Q Anon's expense are getting weak. I'd like to share some of my personal story with the Q community, affectionately dubbed, the "Qtards." Back when Q linked to VOAT, I was active on Discord and a few other sites, but I'd never even heard of Q or the Q drops. Censorship on Reddit was apparent to me, because I was tracking the censorship on r/Bitcoin since I noticed that posts made by other people that were useful were being removed faster than I could try to archive them. I'd made my fair share of enemies on Discord, mostly because I loved political debate servers. I pissed off some tranny/faggot LGBTQ idiot on a debate one day when I pointed out how the entire alphabet crew was a danger to themselves and others. I showed it evidence of how the entire community was geared towards propaganda that was designed to target children and younger audiences. And then I showed the video of the "axe guy" in Australia (or New Zealand or something) who jammed an axe into a guy's face in a gas station and walked away after attacking two other people who tried to help. It didn't have a leg to stand on, so it started shouting about how gays are going to replace us and blah blah blah. I blocked him shortly afterwards and tuned it out. I had a few other debates on that server before leaving for another one. Unbelievably, it created an alt and then started targeting servers that I was regularly using. After I joked about its lack of ability to reproduce on a server, I was shocked when it somehow managed to successfully use this as a method of getting me banned on Discord. I was fed up by this point. I'd said a shit ton of worse things on there with no repercussions. I began looking for other sites to post on. I spent some time on the Chans, ultimately realizing that I was better off with Discord servers, mainly because I was good at moderating debates there, and didn't have to learn as much about security. Another user sent me a link to VOAT. That's where a lot of my previous history with old VOAT started. I got to VOAT about a few weeks after Q linked to it. I was given the "Q VOAT" badge when I signed up. I thought, at first, that if everyone hated the Q community, they must be doing something right. So, I traveled in some of the same circles as the rest of the community, and learned how to dig through information. Some stuff was useful, other things were people making topical connections and saying that they found "massive dirt." After a few months, it became apparent that only some of the members were truly people searching for truth and meaning. The rest were just another group of people seeking to devolve into an echo chamber. The revelation that the greater Q community at large were a group of repellant whores came when I noticed that very few of them seemed to remain skeptical of the news and current events, and refused to read or dig deeper than what they were told. I watched all the Brett Kavanaugh shit show testimonies, and the Comey hearings. It became very easy to decipher who was watching the news, and who was actively looking information up for comparison. The other problem that I developed with them was how I noticed how easy it was for them to lay severe accusations at people when they had little to no evidence of any wrongdoing. You have a circumstantial, shoddy, connection here at best; therefore, this man is now a pedophile. Did you make some bad jokes on a tweet a long time ago? Rapist. Accusations, even if not true, are still detrimental if they are not substantially provable. So why do it? If you can't hear evidence to the contrary of your own opinions, you're not making the world better by doing the same thing they're doing to others. When most of the Q community was sending around "his name was Seth Rich" memes, I began directly challenging them for evidence. This got me banned from a few of their servers. In turn, every time since, if I'm running a Discord server, and someone asks for a Q sub, I ban them immediately, while telling them to do the world a public service and commit suicide. I hate one-dimensional thinkers, especially the kind that ban together and think that they're somehow learning faster than the rest of us. TL:DR. No respect or quarter should be given to the Qtards. Any time they're here, pretend like you're saying this to them: Lay it on them. They deserve a lot worse. As the saying goes, "If you're 20 and you're not a socialist, you have no heart. If you're 30 and you're still a socialist, you have no brain." If you're a Qtard, FUCK YOU.